Friday, November 27, 2009

Pro-Tuners Magazine Model Search Contest 2009

Pro-Tuners Magazine Model Search Contest 2009
Stage 1
Do vote for me!!thanks ya
1st issue magazine
launch at MOS 11th Dec 2009
together with the magazine!!
what are you waiting for?
im gonna featured in their 1st issue Pro-Tuners magazine
Special Edition Pro-Tuners Magazine!
forgetten to say..its a new launch car magazine
so stay tune with me for coming up more..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random photos

some random photos with my friends
nothing much to blog about me nowadays
was very busy with my STPM examination..
finish at 10th Dec 2009
will keep update once i have time alright?=)
anyway wish me luck yea..
lotsa love from mayc

Friday, November 20, 2009


im sitting for the exam on monday..
which is Pengajian Am paper 2..
i dunno..
so many things in my mind..
my goodness..seriously im gonna get mad soon
he just came back from aussie..
my exam gonna start soon..
indirectly it affected my mind..
but somehow i have to stay strong since he already got his new life as for his new gf
all i can do is to wish him all the best in everything he do..
hopefully one day i can face him back..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mist Club Babe Hunt-Part 2

there is still many more photos..
too many and i just can randomly pick it up for blog
for more feel free to see at facebook yea..=)
oh ya..
here is the Malay Mail news[wednesday]about the event night
*failed to buy cause by the time i know is already too late*
sad to hear that cause im really searching for it..
if anyone have it please do PM me yea..
here is the online version for Malay Mail..
[Check it out here]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BMA Grand Finals@Mist club[Mist Babe Hunt]

Winner Mist Babe Hunt 2009/2010

during catwalk contest

firstly i would like to thank to all my suporter who supported me on that night
and also to those who supported me silently
i really appreciate it very much..=)
its really really very happening night for me
and my very first time to won this catwalk contest
sorry cause i dint update my blog for an age..
kinda busy nowadays with shooting and so on..==
anywhere im here to share some random photos with you all
hope you all will enjoy it
coming up more to be seen..
love ya