Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clubbing night@Mist Club

cuiseen-bB boss-me-weiwei-cody
me and my darling kah hong

wai yeap A.K.A bei ka and me
with my drunken face
>.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">BUT
something really terrible happened on me on that night..
out of sudden i cant breath and my whole body cramped..
cant move cant talk..
really 1st time in my life i have those kind of feeling..
thanks to few of my friends who sent me to nearest Hospital Pantai on that night..
straight away ICU room and given 3 injections and i scared the hell of my boy too..
make him worried and he speed like nobody business to hospital..
luckily i send to hospital fast if not im seriously in trouble..
just because all this while im having difficulties in breathing..
my health is getting bad..really bad..
gotta go for full body check up soon..
P/S: Sorry to all my friends for making you guys worry on that night..really a mess on that night..especially to my boy who really scared him till he pray so hard for me..thanks baby..heart you so much and so to all my fellow friends..=)

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