Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sy Lee Birthday Bash

heart you so much

the birthday girl
-sy lee-
ah may-yap-chin
my darling bB..

my dear pygie heng..
all of our girlssss..

me and my boy again..
han and pygie..
such a lovely couple..
have our great dinner at full house yesterday night..
they went for second round to club too bad i cant make it..
this was my first time going to full house to celebrate friend's birthday..
and also my first time go with my dear nick low..
well i enjoyed my night with them..
full of laughter and fun..
heart them so much..
wonder when is my turn to celebrate???
oh yeah!!!
next year FEBRUARY!!==
long way to go..
waiting waiting~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is not me!=)

On our 2nd month anniversary day
24th nov 2010
edited by him
simply love the lighting..
right after our haircut and new hair colour..
this is so not me!!
photo taken by my boy at wong kok@1U..
he says that i look more friendly and cute after cutting this hair..
im old enough to be cute though
everyone asking and wondering why i dare to cut so short..
it was like more that half of my hair gone case!
well..i guess i should say
-its time for some changes-
simply just too bored with my long hair till my butt!!
im pretty satisfied with my current hair length and colour..

Sunday, October 3, 2010


here is one of the photo taken by my pet bro[freedom kitt]
he is such a young boy and cute boy..=)
like him so much..
*as in pet bro no other meaning*
it was such a sunny day..damn hot too..keep on sweating non stop..
such a tiring day after all..
but luckily my bf came to find me for lunch..
never expected he'll come to find me..
thanks baby for suprising me on that day..
heart him so much..
on the same day i saw many long lost friends too..
such a great day for me to work but it was really tiring..
stay tune with me for coming up more shoot..