Friday, July 31, 2009

what is relationship??

Every relationship is not easy
i have been tru many challenges
and yet i still standing right here
im strong enough to beat the challenges down
i should always see myself high n tall
although sadness and sufferness that i been tru is hard
im stil strong among all my friends
instead is very very hard for a girl to take up all this challenge
but i have the guts to take it
im pretty sure many girls cant even take it
will never lost
my dignity..
defending myself..
love relationship..
i have to be proud of myself cause i dare to take the next step
rather than somebody out there who dont dare to take the next step
they willing to put down instead of getting it
i have been tru so many challenges
i can stand strong till now
i believe in karma
if i treat someone good im sure i ll been paid by someone out there
God sent eddie lee to me cause God knows that i suffer alot
with the previous ex..
too bad i dunno how to appreciate you..
i take it granted!i stubborn!it's all my fault..
i ll fight to get you back no matter how long it takes
i willing to scarifice everthing just because of you
every human being will do wrong thing


i HATE club!!
because of CLUB this stupid word make me lost precious thing in my life
CLUB suxx!!
i f***king emo right now
everything came from club club club and CLUBBBB!!
why people will addicted to it?
why people always go there?
what for?
what's the point?
i dont find any point there seriously
-waste of money[especially guy]
-alcholic drink[bad for health]
-being not sincere!!
-being more playboy and playful
i just DONT understand why?
once talk about club i started to emo!
go there just to know more guys and girls?
touch here there and everywhere?
molest people?
kissing each other for the whole night?
this is so RIDICULOUS!!
expecially to those who got partner
yet they still always go clubbing..
anyone can tell me and open up my mind?
dont ever give me all stupid reason such as
relax yourself..moody..sound system..
and all shyts!!
i dont want to hear that!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting for you..

missed him once again
waiting for his message but no respond
so i decided to call him at 8P.M
oh yeah!!he answered and say that his place raining heavily
and the flight delayed!ishh
suppose to be at 8 something then delay to 11.30P.M
end up flight cancelled
just received a message from my boy
says that he's not coming back today =(
due to the weather over his place
was so good mood and happy today
end up with moody mood
he is f***ing f**k up with airport
wanted to burn it..
this is what he told me tru sms..LOL
anyway im still waiting for you bi..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Right here right now..

his 2nd day of vacation
and also 2nd day i dint hear his voice
missing him damn much
not even a message from him today
at least yesterday he still send me few messages
but not today=(
although i sent him twice today
no response from him at all
i knew that he wont reply
if its me..i dont think i will reply too =D
tell myself dont think much and wait
waiting for you right here right now
keep making myself busy so that i wont think much
after came back from school straight away
go to work till at night..FUHH..
same goes for tomorrow..
hopefully by tomorrow i will receive your message asap
*will be alright after my boy come back from his trip

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miss you my baby boy~~

i miss you so much boy
was wondering what you doing right now
today is the 1st day you at redang..
wednesday only come back...
i felt so long..time pass by extremely SLOW..=.=
cause you far from me..
but you ll always in my heart
wanted to call you but i guess you re enjoying with your friends
so better just keep it to myself
miss you silently without knowing
i still remember what you told me yesterday night
'i wish tomorrow is the day i go australia'
well..he is leaving me in few months time
just for the seek of his studies
*exactly the same as my ex
i dont hope he ll leave me like how my ex leaved me
with the reason of STUDY!
i dont hope you will follow his foot step bi
its REALLY hurt!!
you promised me will leave me without break!
i ll remember this and i hope you will keep to your promise too
every single word that you told me
i always bear in my mind
cause you always my beloved one's
*right here waiting for you to come back*

Sunday, July 26, 2009


early in the morning
hoping for my baby message but too bad its from my ex
received his message at 3A.M
too bad i slept off already
asked me
'why eddie at poppy?'
i knew eddie at poppy cause he told me early already
saying that he was holding a pretty girl hand whole night inside poppy
i was like........
im super HOT at that moment
i straight away sms my boy and 'washed' him few times without knowing te truth
im that kind of hot tempered person
im sorry baby..i dont mean to scold you
im just too worried that i ll lost you one day
I TRUST that you wont do such thing to me
its so hard for me to catch your heart
so i wont just let you go so easily
i get to know the TRUTH from winjun
anyway thanks winjun for explaining everything from head to toe
sometimes things that we dont know better than know
for me
close one eye better than open it both
we will get more benefit and feel much better
agree with me?
so now im ok with everything i promised my boy wont be so hot tempered
and most important trust him
so i have prove it to him!
and so i choosed to close up my eyes and let thing flow naturally

Monday, July 20, 2009

Photoshoot again..=D

Photoshoot Part 1

Photographer-kensim[trust me-he is good]
Assistant-coco liew=p
Make up-mayc[me] =D
A special thanks to kensim who find me for this photoshoot
he is really a great photographer
not forgotten coco liew who willing to accompany me for this shoot
she is really a good friend of mine
thanks alot
hope will have more shoot in the future..=D
coming up more photos
in the progress of editing
hold on there yea..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

extremely sad!!

This is an extremely sad post
you cant read my mind
so do i
i love you
do you really love me?
what can i do to make you happy?
what can i do to make you stay with me?
what can i do to make you love me?
for me
letting me go
is a sign off leaving me soon
i can tolerate you
but not everytime
cause i do have feelings too
when you quiet
i feel lonely
when you shut up
i feel f**k up
i dont understand you well
same goes to me
i dont know what you need
so do i
i hate you
i love you
how i treat you back
based on how to treat me
you deserved it!
decision is in your hand
hand off or love me
its up to you
think properly
think wisely
think twice
no regret
no doubt
no nothing!!
*first time ever since my ex broke up with me*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy birthday babe wenwen..

LOOK..who is this?
oh babe..hehe..
04/07 was her birthday..
Happy birthday to you
hapi burday to eu
hapie burfdae to u..
love you babe..muaxx..=x
one big happy family..heee..sweet yea?
love them so much..muaxx


stupiak face?
lol..cant even see my eyes..haha

bB's idea..
she said wana do boxing..haha..
out of no way..=.=
i look shocked?lol
hahaha..everyone's ribbon on their head but mine?
on my neck..
seems like retarded..
BABE wen wen..
WE lub you so muchie..
wish you have a great day with us today..
although i just can accompany you awhile..

*there is still another shoot of sticker pictures but not with me..=p

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sadness and sorrow..

Once AGAIN mayc not in mood
start my emoness again
what's actually bothering me nowadays?
anyone can tell me?
the answer is NO
this cannot be..
Mayc dont want this kind of feeling anymore
is there really someone who willing to listen to me?
i really dont know why i becoming so emo
additional with cassi songs that he sent me just now
i love his songs so much
played by his own..
unknown piece
really touched my heart by his songs
thanks alot cassi..
i knew that i shouldn't listen those songs when im in emo emotion
but i cant control myself
whenever i blog i sure turn on sentimental songs
or when im not in mood just like now
i start with my rubbish talk again
i will stop it here
no mood to blog anymore
enjoying songs sent by cassi