Thursday, December 9, 2010

R.I.P my beloved friend Alviss Kong..

Extremely bad news that i ever heard this morning..
sad to say that he pass away this morning at 9A.M@UKM because commit suicide for a girl!
I have no chance to meet him for the last time before he leave us..

He is fully blinded with love..
As for love is EVERYTHING to him..
No one to be blame..

*His message to everyone out there*
Hope everyone will take care of their beloved one..Do not let them slip away from you before it's too late!

He was a good friend of mine ever since when i was 16 years old..
when i first met him, he was a very ego person till now..
once know him deeper, actually he is not!

i remember our first vacation together was to Penang..
my first time ever step into my favourite place Penang was with you..
memories and time we spent together cant be describe!

Although you always being ego and always insult me DIRECTLY..
BAKA is what you used to call me..
and now you're the one who is BAKA!

I miss our memory when we spend time together..
recall me back of EVERYTHING!!
Makes me fall my first tear for you this morning..really..

May you R.I.P my dearest good friend..
im so disappointed with your action and decision that you made!
and yes i lost one of my good friend..

my mood swing..
i feel sad but yet i carve on my smile infront of my boy..
i hope after i finish write on this blog..
this time is gonna be my last time drop tears for you..

-[My quote for your soul]-
Life is beautiful and wonderful when you really do appreciate everyone and everything around you

Remember you always in our heart


MizzFattyisCute said...

Rest in peace .
not worthy for it .
There a lot girl

Nurhayu_HTF said...

R.I.P Alviss Kong : )

Anonymous said...

Alviss Kong is a chicken!! sissy to take the in hell!

Makngah said...

rest in peace Alviss Kong

儚抝蘫塰豚 said...

虽然我不认识alviss kong。但我有话要对他说。那就是,你对爱情的精神将不会消失。因为我会帮你维持你那份对爱情的认真的精神。

Jelly Jeli said...

我终于看到他的样子了!原来他就是Alviss Kong!!说得对,他之前一直叫你baka,他现在真的是baka了…… :)

Anonymous said...

he is so selfish and has actually taken his revenge. imagine how depressed his gf would be.

Kent said...

MAYC CHEAH : are you trying to take revenge on a dead person by calling him BAKA? LMAO!!! he is indeed an idiot, without thinking of the consequences in which it may harm others....what if there is someone in the car which he landed on?? wouldn't that be tragic??

Ronny said...