Saturday, April 23, 2011

♥ Nick&Mayc 8th Monthsary ♥

24.04.2011, Sunday 12.00 A.M
Our 8th Monthsary Day

I'm glad and happy to be with him in these 8 months..
He is just not a simple guy who need love from me..
But also building up a future between both of us..

Do you all know why some of the couples can be long lasting and some weren't?

I learnt a lesson yesterday night who taught and waken up by my bf..
Which is

Always believe that love will last forever.
Always had a strong promises between both parties.

Love is when you willing to sacrifice everything just to be with him/her.
Love is when you still miss him/her even after you fight.
Love is when you always want to know what is in his/her mind.
Love is when you cant stop thinking about him/her.
Love is when you're willing to build future with him/her.

To Hubby Nick Low:- Thanks for all your care and love in these 8months.. Simply make my life colorful and meaningful without knowing thats because of you.. You always be my ONLY one =)


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ok.trop cool et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.

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