Tuesday, June 30, 2009


out of no way i felt so down
i want someone to accompany me..
is there anyone for me RIGHT NOW?
i dont think so..
just to keep it in me,myself and I
eddie was not here when i need him
wanted to sign in msn but line problem
thought of finding people to talk with but there is no one for me
even god also dont want to help me out of this
i think too much?
no im not i guess
where is my lover?
not available for me today cause he was busy with his friend's party
i need someone..
i really need someone..
is there anyone who willing to lend me his/her shoulder and ears?
for me to lean while listening to me?
luckily i got my 'best friend' here
who always letting me to write on it body
willing to listen to my emoness
and thats you..blog
oh goshhh..
mayc wake up wake up wake up!!
im getting more and more emo right now
i guess i should stop right here right now
before any incident happen on me
off to bed soon to avoid rubbish thinking
good night everyone
*light off and shut down everthing

what happen to me??

what going on?
i felt so uncomfortable in this few days..
1st of all my backbone and whole body muscles pain
then flu..
continue with headache..
what happen to me?
i dont want to see doctor
i hate medicine
one more thing
i always always always feel so freaking tired
i really dunno why
just feel like want to sleep day night long
i even slept inside my class for few times
even having assembly standing i also can close up my eyes
what is this??
i never felt so tired before
although i sleep earlier or have enough rest but yet i feel so tired
dont feel like moving..
dont feel like walking..
dont feel like want to talk much..
kinda moody as well cause many shyts happened around me
*im dead

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happiness that will never end~~

OMG!look!eddie stick our name on his car
i gt suprised when 1st he asked me to see it
i dont know that he really go and do it
thanks baby =p
following pictures taken after we been together

following picture before we together..
which is also the 1st picture we took together
kinda weird yea?

what kind of funny face i trying to do?
seems so serious..

this is eddie's favourite picture
which is also my most ugly picture out of so many
although there is some conflict once we know each other
but i guess by now everything will be ok
no one gonna separate us
talk about time
we really kinda fast together
this doesnt mean that we're playing a fool
or just puppy love
im sure you sincere and love me as much as i love you baby
i dont hope our relationship will end up with 'club'
and i will wait for you even you go to australia
i dont want you to repeat my ex foot step anymore
thats really HURT!
as what you said i will be your last gf
to be prank i dont believe it
in order to make me got confident only one way
which is PROVE it

Friday, June 19, 2009


what a disappointed day for me today
my boy told me that will bring me back to his hometown to celebrate his grandpa birthday
but in the end he can make it cause too late
anyhow i have to reach home at 10 P.M
all because of his friend borrowed his car
promised 4.30 P.M. will return back but in the end 7 P.M
waited for him since 4P.M till 7P.M in the end cant make it
after came back from school feel so excited cause already 3days dint see him
but in the end also cant meet
he have to drive back alone and celebrate with his grandpa
im so disappointed at that moment
cause he promised me at 1st
and now cant make it confirm very down and moody
anyway he said will bring me to his auntie house tomorrow
see a super cute baby =D
at least he know what to do
if not i really gonna punish him

Thursday, June 18, 2009

what a bad day..=(

what a bad day for me today
morning no teacher teach us
recess that time a girl make a mess on my body
what de
freaking angry at that time
she accidentially poured sambal on my shirt and skirt
ok nevermind
but the thing is not even a sorry!
thats what make me angry..ARGHHHH
luckily i brought my sports outfit
if not really damn smelly
smell sambal belacan smell
have to go back by LRT confirm no one sit with me
went to school early in the morning
whole day no teacher come inside
feel so boring so what can we do?
playing around?
this is what we do once teacher not inside our class
is this how we bahave?haha..
this is so not like an upper six student
eldest in whole school but also the most naughty in the school
i played a game with 1 of my indian classmate friend
this game really suffer alot and have to take the pain
if ure too weak then you cannot play this game
confirm can drop out your tear
at 1st im ok with it
longer it getting more pain
but yet i still continue cause i have to take the pain once i start the game
in the end my friend gave up
not because she won
is because she beat my hand till her hand pain
and she saw my hand getting blue black and can see those blood clotting
i wanted to continue but my friend said NO
i dont really know what's the actual and proper name for this game
but i called it slap hand game
those who wanted to play cannot cry!
but just to take all the pain!!
thats the rules of the game
'Take it or leave it'
*seriously i enjoy my pain..haha...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

thanks baby..

Hey hey hey
im back in action
first of all im so sorry for the late post
many shyts happenned nowadays
my beloved just get one new broadband for me
and so i only can online and so on
lately im so pissed off with someone who trying to mess up with my guy
is actually everything is over but yet that guy dont want to let go
this is ridiculous and stubborn enough for a 21 years old guy
even my guy just 20 years old know how to think wisely than him
trying to be childish
fight here and there and everywhere
end up?
im trying to be patience as what my guy told me not to be so pissed off
nothing that i need to worried about now
cause i got my guy will settle everything for me
hopefully nothing will happen to him
i was really worried about him for the past few days
and now he knew what to do
all we can do is just wait and see
in this 12 days we been together many things happened
i just dont know how to face you anymore
its all because of me
im the one who brings the problem to you
im sorry baby
i just dont hope anything will happen to you
i love you baby
will never leave you
my promises to you will always in my mind
thanks for everything

Saturday, June 13, 2009

pissed off!!

This is a sad post
although i got love now
but yet im so frus out with something else
trying to help myself out
but i have no idea how to manage it
its not about love cause im happy with my love life now
its about 2F
which is friendship and finance
i tend to spend alot last time
this became 1 of my hobby
but now everything holding me tightly
i have to spend everthing wisely
think twice before buying anything
this is so not me
but what to do
not gonna ask for anyone else
have to help myself out
im adult enough for me to made my own decision
hopefully everything will be fine soon
im so F**king piss off with myself
and i knew someone would love to see me in this condition
no worries
i will settle it on my own

*say yes to myself without anybody help

Saturday, June 6, 2009


After a long break..
after 8months of single life
after 8months being a single lady
and now
at last
i found my baby boy
many people wondering why i will choose him right?
actually i also dont know
is just feel
i can feel that he can give me a secure life after being with him
i dont care or mind what people say about him
as long as i love him
its hard to find someone who really suit you
and now i found it
after 8months
it's 8MONTHS!!
i thought i wont be in relationship but i cant
cause i really fall for him
i guess kinda long break time for me to calm down and find my baby slowly
im not in a rush to choose a right person to be my partner
thats why all this while im standing right here waiting for the right one's
at last i found him in my life
i feel like everything is NOT important anymore
cause i found my greastest thing of all!
i wanted people to know that i choosed you is my right choice!
whatever rumour about you i will just ignore it
cause i love you not them
prove to them that we can be a perfect couple
from now on i will listen to you always
My promises to you:
[will listen to you]
[love you more than myself]
[will ignore the others just to be with you]
[my heart will always be there for you]
[wanted to be with you as long as possible]
[will never change heart]
[will be loyal to you only]
[never give chance to others]
[will never tell lies to you]
last but not least i would like to say
will never regret of choosing you as my baby boy
as long as we're happy when we together thats more than enough

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AFOS with Team Impact at F1 Sepang circuit..

Hey..saw this?
is TEAM IMPACT back in action..
on 31st of may at SEPANG..
i do enjoy myself very much on that day
thus jhoonaun called me to go last minute..
thanks..not regret at all!!=)

Picture taken by jhoonaun

Nice lambo yea?

Coco liew and mayc

Picture taken by coco.
i like her camera..
nice nice..=D

OMG!!i look so childish in this picture..

come come i give you a kiss

this is such a handsome guy..
he willing to take picture with us..
such a friendly man..

coco and me..
coco..ah yat..me..
sunny day~~~
super hot on that day..
and i look so sleepy..

this is the funniest picture among all..
me-allen teong[A.K.A romeo]-coco
he too tall for me..hahaha
do i look like yawning or laughing?

thanks alot for all team impact members for entertaining me for the whole day
i do enjoy myself alot on that day itself
im happy that u get to know more about car and friends too..
thanks to jhoonaun for asking me last minute if not so wasted..
and peoples out there..
this kind of gathering really damn fun..no joke!
should have be more socialize in it ya..
having another one in this month soon...
must be fun!=)