Tuesday, March 31, 2009

whats going on around me??

lets start with yesterday..
my silly babe bB not happy..
yesterday night was my 1st night saw her emo infront of me..
usually she used to be the most tough girl among 3 of us..
but yesterday i realize something..
no matter how tough a person,one day sure weak..THIS IS FOR SURE!
i thought im ok yesterday and i even gave advise to her unfortunately i saw something went i forward email to my friends..
omg..i really dont want to see that..but what can i do?
my heart totally very pain at that moment..
i let go?or i dont?omg i really dont know..
end up my silly babe bB give me advise back..lolx...
not forgotten soh poh weiwei..
DJ bB and DJ liew weiwei dedicate a song for me..
just to entertain me back...lolx..thnxxxx..
as what i told 1 of my ex...
a glass broken into pieces eventhough you glue it back,will it still can be use?
even can be used,those broken pieces were still there no matter how..
it wont look like last time anymore..
everything will changed..
something which is not yours,forever it wont be yours!
looking forward is the best solution as what im doing right now..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

carnival day~~

hey hey ladies n gentlemen..
boys and girls..
its my school 110th birthday celebration..
all of you all out there invited to come..
no entrance fee~
what you guys waiting for?
come and join us..its fun..[i guess]lolx..
the main games is fishing game..
not only games..
many more stalls and other stuff also..
i'll be at one of the stall..=D[been forced]
come and find me there ba..=)

DATE:29th march 2009(sunday)

PLACE:taman tasik titiwangsa,kuala lumpur


thats not all..
for boys out there..
can go there know more girls too..blek..=p
dont forget i came from girls school..=D
prizes,hamper and CASH to be won..
not you wait for it BUT they waiting for you~~
aiyah..dont know how to explain..
go there experience it yourself ba..lolx..

see ya there~

Monday, March 23, 2009

mumps sick..

im having mumps sick..
its 1 kind of sickness..
im sure many peoples dont know what is that sick..
what caused it?
cant believe that im having this kind of sickness..
im suffering like hell since yesterday till now..
just realise it this morning when i woke up..
and yet my parents force me to so school..

-loss appetite
-lack of energy
-swell on neck
-sore throat

it will also spread to the others..especially in school..
1 of my friend suffering since last week till now..
omg and she said need to go for phisioteraphy..
no one bring me go see doctor even today i went to see doctor alone after finish school..
feel so suffer the whole day..
dont feel like talking..
dont feel like moving much..
just wana to sit still without doing anything..
im wondering when only i will recover from this sick..

*pray hard*

Saturday, March 21, 2009



why three of us always having problem in love?
is this fate?
why god choosed us?
i just dont understsnd..
bb asked me to go out with her today and yes..
we went to sg wang..
she need a big hug from me..
she is sad because of LOVE..
wei is sad because of LOVE too..
L O V E this word really hurt so many peoples..


i could understand weiwei's feeling today..
i dont understand why must she carry a big burden?
its so suffer for her..
weiwei all i can say is just let him go and start on with ur new life..
not worth for you to love him anymore..
he dont deserved to have you..
just remember that!



among three of us i felt that you are the most tough ones..
even if you are not,i guess me n weiwei sure extremely weak..
you know how to manage your love life..
just that many problems occur among you and your partner..
even yourself also dont know what to do..
people dont know how to cherish you doesnt mean you're not good..
choose wisely..choose the one who really love you and care about you..
dont ever let LOVE to make you down!!



i dont know how to describe my feeling right now..
after all this half years..
i can consider as put down those sadness which always hunt me..
yes i really did it!
this is what my ex taught me last time..
i should change my stubborness..
be more patient..
try hard to put on my love to someone who i love..
love him more than myself..[as i always do]
sometimes i really dont know what is in a guy's mind?
what they actaully thinking?
how to read people's mind?
waitng is not a good solution..
waiting is also a mental torture..
is there anyone can tell me?
im curious..

Monday, March 16, 2009


hanging with my babe again~~
with all my pretty little baby babe...
omg~~i love you all so much~~
was actually celebrate weiwei's birthday..
too bad she more enjoy when she went to poppy last saturday..
too bad im not there..sob..T.T

my babe weiwei a.k.a birthday gurl~

crazy gurl~wenwen..look at our leg..haha..

my beloved babe bB~~muax..

all right..
what's next??
oh yeah..sticker photo..
as usual..
we took kinda many..blek..





enjoyed the whole day with them really happy..
just wanted to tell you guyz out there..
without guys we still can survive..
am i right bB?haha..
this this due to what boy done to us..


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what can i say about guys?

who are they?
do they really have cock?
do they really know what does a boy responsibility?
what they do everyday and NIGHT??
flirting around?or at home accompany their own girlfriend's?or girlfriends?
what have they done to girl?
in a good way or bad way?
do they really know what the meaning of APPRECIATE?
for me not even quater of them yes..
not that i wanted to insult them..
but guys out there please wake up la..
and girls please be more alert la..
girls is not a toy or vegetable for you guys to play..
when you need girls then try no matter how hard to get them also..
after in your hand?what have you guys done?
i guess i no need to say also know the answer yea?
as for me guys used to find their on fault..
dont you think so?
not i say..even guys themself admit that..
usually guys once reached 18 sure started to play around..
flirt around..do something which not suppose to do like?
drug?smoke?clubbing?or maybe one night stand?
even nowadays 13 years old girls and boys also know go to clubbing..
wow...awesome yea??barcelona..forever my lala land..
that's for me..
for me...guy can be good and can be cruel as well..
this is what i experience it before..
they can even just leave their own gf in just a blink of eyes..
saying that dont love you anymore this and that..
hey guy!we are human..as well as you too..
think of our feelings before making any decision..
dont try be selfish eventhough i know that human are selfish..
i start to hate guy after today..
i felt that guy is just so *******
i know im being emo today..
ignore me then..

*Note:those words that i have just said its true and it really happened on me but its just my opinion..no offence to ppl out there..