Sunday, November 30, 2008

scary man!!

my goodness...scary man..
thre is a malay guy follow me frm lrt station til i bk hm..
i nid to walk along tat road then oi i reach my condo de..
too bd he choosed me..!
nw i go bk aso scared le..
i scared he noe i finish wrk at wat time.
at 1st he asked do i live here?then i said yes..
ask sumr hw much per month then i said duno cz nt i pay.
then hw start askin whre i wrk..
wrk at whre?
gt bf o nt?
y bf dun fetch me?
i said i no bf he dun trust me..sighh..
he said y my malay so fluent?
whre i study?
hw old?
then de alst que tat he ask b4 i step in2 my condo gate he said can i date wif u?
hw cm tis kind of thngs wil happen on me?
i jz scared he wil follow me once again cz i alwiz reach hm at de same time..
wat shud i du nw??T.T

Thursday, November 27, 2008


hv a great day wif my close frz yi min n soh lou edison..
went to sunway tis afternoon til nite..
shp shp shp n shp..SHOPAHOLIC!!!>.<
realy fun to shp..
quite mny ppl n sales al arnd..
bought new shoes today..keke..
same wif y min le..diff clr..
nc nc~`

watch quarantine again..
ytd jz watched n then tdy watch again..
although i watched twice bt tat s2pid moie stil can scared me...
few parts mk me scream..
bt luckily nt me oli..
gt few gals behind us screamin lk hell..
[k bein rape]
tat stry no meanin..borin at de stry line..
oli 40% 4 me..
dun watch it when ure eating..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

im banana...

tis is nt a gd thng 4 me bt funi..
tis is hw 'banana'wil talk like..
i saw my frz at lrt station when i goin bk tat tyme..
v chat awhile oli cz lrt too mny ppl tat time til cant tok..
plus i kipon smelling those pakistan de ampit so.................
i jz kip quiet cz too mny ppl n hv 2 sequeeze wif them n dey put up their hand tat time..
lk few yrs dint bath..
n so my frz go dwn at chow kit n me titiwangsa..
so b4 he step out of de train i asked him to bkful..
i spoke wrg wrds..
is actually 'xiao xing' rite?
i spoke dao 'chao xing'...swt...=.=
my frz luk at me awhile n i feel so paiseh tat time..
then i said sowie is actually xiao xing..
so s2pd of me...
tis is wat v called as banana..

Sunday, November 23, 2008


everyday facing 4 white walls..
think many kinds of things..
there is always a question mark inside my head..
wondering is there anyone who i love the most?
if there anyone that i care the most?
or is there anything that i can do for you to make you happy?
i really hope i'll always be the 1st one's in your heart and im the most important for you..

everyday worried about you..
everyday when i was working and i'll wondering what are you doing right now?
everyday wanted to call you..
everyday wanted to hear your voice..
everyday hope that i can go out with you..
everyday hope that u will accompany me when i off day..
everyday hope that i'll find me..
everyday hope that i can see you..
everyday hope that you'll happy ever after..

Friday, November 21, 2008

funny guy

haha...wat kinds of stupiak thngs tat my frz did it today..
he cm n find me wif 2 of his frz..1 is kai sumthn n another wan is jia ming..
gosh!!tat jia ming dam luk lk wu zhun!!swt ...=.=
bt is oli side la..frm nt same jo..keke..
tat guy wan buy slipper n my wrkin place thre gt sell bt he said nt nc n went off..
dam shy guy..haha..

dy 2days been locked up at shp cant go break cz nt enuf crew..hv 2 ask other ppl da pou o delivery..
de whole bog shp oli i alone..sienz..bored to death!
i eat tomyam meehun at 130pm then arnd 3sumthn starts 'music' inside my stomach dy luckily my frz cm n find me..
i wanted to ask him buy sum food 4 me bt 2 bd 10 mr mins he nid go sing k wif his frz jo so i hv 2 tahan again..
suddenly tink of greenbox inside gt snack which v can tk as mny as v wan..
so i beh tahan ask him to bring sum snacks out lo..
actually i was jz jk oli i din noe tat he realy went n tk some snacks n put inside his pocket n gv it to me..
bt of cz wrap it wif tissue la..nt tat dirty la..
when i saw his face i cant stop laughin..
can u imagine a guy did tat??hahahahahaha..put inside pocket sumr..haha..luckily nt erhmm..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

part timer??$$??

nx mnth gona b a dam free mnth..
a mnth 4 me to relalx myself..i guess..
my stupiak boss change me to part timer ar..haizz..
usually my wrkin place thre if full time 1 mnth gt 7days off bt part timer almost 12 days off..
tis is nt cal wrk jo lo..
3days wrk 3days off..continuously off.
when de tyme i nid $$ de most god treat me lk tat..
i gt alot of stuff to buy..
i nid use alot of $$ on dec n jan..
shit i can b lazy..
i nid to find a new job again..
if i stil continue tat job i tink i evydy nid to eat bread de la..
haha..i wan find a job which high salary de..whre neh?
so bd de boss..
i start wrk at oct 20th count as part time nvm lo..
nov gv me hapi awhile cz full time thn nw change me bk to prt time..
haiz...hate sei him!!n kik sei me..hump!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

nite part time job??

hmm..been long tyme no update my blog sowie yah..
wats new??hmm..
ytd saw bk my frz at sg$ lo while im wrkin..
dint c him 4 almost 2yrs..
he sicked..swt bt nw ok dy so he cm out bk n pou le.
hahah..stil so ego wif he kinda..hmm..hard to say..
neway..when i was sittin at my chair then suddenly a gal cm n buy earrin..
when she wana pay $ tat tyme suddenly she ask me 4 num n said tat actually is her frz wan it de..n she said gt sum wrk wan intro to me..
so i jz gv lo..when i reach hm jo tat tyme i received mny cals frm unknown num..
so i jz dun k n ask them not to cal bt msg me..
thre is a num asked me wan wrk nite part time job??
i duno hu de hell is tat n i jz answered ' nt interested in nite job stuff,sowie'
tats insane!duno wat kind of wrk is tat.
might be prostitude..ahhaha..
luckily im clever enuf..if nt..HABIS!!!
im wonderin hw cm dey wil choose me ar since sg$ stil gt mny other gals which much more beta lookin than me..rite??
weird la...=.=

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

will you accompany me??

im so hapi 4 being wif me..cant bliv tat u wil b wif me..thnx alot..wil appreciate evy min n sec being wif u..i du care 4 no matter hw u're de special one's in my hapi tat u stil k 4 me lk last tyme..u stil so lub me n k 4 me n i knew it..jz tat v're nt couple anymr..i duno wat my sis sms u bt u can jz ignore her de..she jz knew tat v broke nid to explain much to her de la..u du so mny thngs jz du1 me so sad when u leave me ma..i noe de..u sil choosin whether wan go on 9th feb o 11th feb..both flight aso at mid9..too bd tat i cant accompany u to airport..haizz..i feel so sad 4 it..hup tat u wil choose 11th feb cz 9th feb on tat day itself is my birthdae..i dun hup to c u leave me on tat least accompany me pass my im sure valentine day is impossible jo de oli hup i hv nw is to pass my birthdae..tis is my last wishes frm u..i du1 to pass my 19 birthdae which full of sadness..i knew tat u aso dun hup to c me sad sad long as u can accompany me on my birthdae i dy vy hapi de matter thre is too mny swt memories btw me n u..i feel lk wan recall it bk altogether b4 u leave..du i hv tat chance to du so????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


WAT DE HELL??oi..u tot im stupid o wat??i knew ur babi mouth say wan la..dun try to push it to other ppl..he is ur frz lai de..although he jz wrk thre 4 2wiks bt i noe his attitude is hw de..nt lk u..blady mouth dam it!kip on deny la nw..when u tok tat tyme so nice hor?wat de hell..nw i noe jor u deny n try to push to ur frz la..ei..get lost la..u lk me so wat??u say lk me wun say bad thng bout me??i dun ttink so lo..i rejected u as a frz aso..nt evn couple..u handsum so wat??attitude lk SHIT!!i tink atandard 6 student aso much mr matured than u evnthough u dy 17..dun tel me bullshit stuff me n those..i can be ur jie jie dy la..go ahead n find those seafood gal tat u wan$ gt alot..suit u aso ply ply de..nt serious at al..monkey lub..go ahead la..i support u!n plz dun cm n find me n fan me..i du1 c u mr my frz..enemy jiu gt..hate ur attitude de most..b guy til lk tat..useless!!!wat u noe??kau lui..kap lui..ply ppl's feelin..neh neh neh..xpecially after erhmm wif gal jo ar then jiu du1 them..tis is u la..tot u handsum wat aso can du a??duno y so mny gals blind n together wif u..xpecially ur gf nw..she dy gt bf de u stil wan be his 2nd bf n both of u said dun mind..wat de his bf dy nw then u say u lk me??u noe wats de meanin of fucker??tats u..fade up dy la..tired of scoldin u evydae..if im ur mum ar..i long tyme slap u dy..duno y u wil hv tis kind of attitude in urself!!tink bout it properly la......


today when i was alone at shp de whole dae i kip holdin it..its my ex gv me de present frm hk..bracelet..i evydae aso gt wear it to i lost it today when i on de way goin bk to hm..haizz..damn fuckin sad rite nw..y dun i jz kip it at hse?y mz i wear it??if i kip at hse sure wun lost it de..haizz..duno whre it fall..i kip on findin it arnd my hse area bt stil cant find de same time my sis jz knew tat i broke up wif my bf..she so k bout me n ask me whether im ok wif it o nt..n she said tat 'i dun tink so diiwen dun lk u..he jz du1 me feel sad cz he leavin soon' sigh..after i heard tat frm her i feel mr tis fate??directly after she advice me tru sms then lost my bracelet jo..haizz...i appreciate al de thngs tat he gv it to me..i kept it al properly n too bd i lost it dy..haiz..hup he dun i mind!!haiz..i lub it so much..he gv it to me together wif triangle de stupid of me..hate myself so much!!wil nv so stupid anymr....!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


WTF!!wat hv i done to u??plz kip ur asshole mouth shut b4 u gt frm me...!!!ur fucker mouth damn LJ!!ma de ar..u cm to my wrkin place thre jz to hv fun o wrk?u ply 2gals at de same to wrkin place jz to kau lui..kap lui..plz la wei..if u wan do so lz go other shops n wrk la..fourskin is a famous brand la..get lost la!!luckily my boss fired u..if nt i realy duno hw 2 face u evydae when wrkin..u're a fucker!tk my num tru comp..wat de hell..without my guy opp my shp wrk de ask jo so long aso hvnt gv u..jz simply tk..kip on sms me..fuck off la!!so annoyin!!u ply gal's's!me as ur jie jie oli tel u im older than u..stil say u wan chase me??chase ur grandma la..if i gt such bf i tinki beta go die!!u cant evn b my frz..u dy 17 de la..stil so childish..kip on sayin ppl bd stuff..HELO!u tink urself vy PERFECT izit??i noe u mayb bt plz la..v aso human k??v aso gt feelin wan k?say my bd thngs wif my frz n dey told me..wat de hell!!if can i realy wana burn up ur fucker mouth!tot u lengzai can simply say ppl izit??say infrnt of my shp de gal fat lk pig la..smell lk babi panggang la..tis n tat..wat de fuck??as if u smell her body b4..plz la..dun simply say ppl..u'll get it al bk someday!watch out ur mouth..u as a guy til so worst..pull dwn other guy de image!!absolutely urself too!!mny of my shop de crew aso hate u la..sumr alwiz cm to my wrkin place thre disturb..i c ur face aso feel lk slapping u!!dun hup 2 c u anymr.....!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

fake hair??

yer...y izit so mny ppl ask me whether y hair fake o nt a??haiz..realy du lan lo..luk fake meh??i dun tink n pull my hair mai noe lo..i noe its long bt dun la alwiz ask..sighh..ORIGINAL wan la!!ask me whether i gt du hair extension o nt...haiz..i noe la nw mny galz usin fake hair..duno wat de original hair du1 bt wan fake wan..sigh..stp askin me those silly..!!i say nt fake hair then dey wil said 'oh yameh??luk lk hair extension..' swt..sick of it..dun bliv then dun long aso gv ppl say..sigh..wan change new hairstyle jo..stil thnkin which hairstyle nc..curl??yer du1 luk old..straight??mr sei..dam sienz wif tat jo...haizzz...tink of totally change my luk by permin my hair k maggi idea??if nt gv sum idea ba..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

fatter n fatter... gettin fatter n fatter..nt slimmer n slimmer..ytd gt 3 frz cm to my wrkin place n find me..1st is he buy me meiji panda biscuit which is my favourite flavour is strawberry bt he buy chocolate..2nd he bought 1 big bar of chocolate plus 1 smal box of chocolate watch..he bought it at penang..haha..duty free..keke..3rd 1 big bar of chocolate again..swt..ytd cant stp receivin chocolate frm my frz..haha..then 2dae 1 of my kem frz suddenly sms me said tat gt sumthn wan gv me bt actully is le..she said she promised me b4 n she realy du..hehe..thnx alot..muax..sigh...when i wan go bk tat tyme suddenly my frz cm n find me n gv me a big bar of chocolate again..swt..=.= non-stp receivin chocolate..although its my favourite bt im dieitin de neh..dey seems lk purposely du1 let me diet..each tyme when i saw al de chocolate i bbeh tahan wan eat de i alwiz say to myself NO!!!say YES to myself tat i can slim dwn within 2mnths..i hv to control my food neh..haizz..duno wat i wil receive 2ml..tis time 'chocolate' frm washroom..hahahaha...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


wat de hell..nw i noe y b human so suffer..haiz..4 boy sufferin of career..4 gal lk me sufferin of wat???????DIET!!!swt..dieting rite nw!!fuhhh..dam suffer!cant eat tis n drnkin sum kind of tea to diet de..haiz..damn suffer..stomach pain de whole dae n i spend almost de whole dae inside de toilet..haiz..i nid stick to de toilet frm time to time..well u noe 'those thng' wil cm out anytime i nid run to de toilet to......hehe..ops!!it sounds so sowie..>.< jz sharin my experience in toilet wif u guyz..haha..last yr i gt drnk other brand then nw drnk other brand my stomach wateva shit aso gt..most ma fan is durin wrkin tat tyme EPECIALLY when servin customer then suddenly....owhhh...haizz..hate it!!bt wat to do..either 'erhm' in de pants o rush to de toilet..sighh..guyz out thre..c la..its nt easy 4 gal to kip fit..realy hrd..wats de point of gal kip on diet??y al gal wish to hv nc body shape?al bcz of GUY lo..sighh..guy realy hoi sei guyz aso hup tat their gf hv nc body shape so tat when bring them out aso feel proud..sighh..guyz alwiz wan FACE!!haha...galz alwiz wan beauty....tis is wat v called as LIFE....................

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


yer..evydae wrk..1mnth 7daes off..when i wrk i dun hup to wrk..when i off i hup 2 wrk..means i duno wat i wan aso..sienz aso go ts n sg$ other place to go bf accompany me..frz al aso bz wif their stuff..luckily i found 1 of frz hu alwiz willin to help me o pui me..alwiz find me da pou cz he jz wrk at LOT10 oli v jz went out n hv movie together..1 is vampire admired me n another 1 is tropic thunder..wat a stpid funi la..tat stupid vampire mr stupid..kip on takin off their clothes..sighh..shwin off their BOOBS..nt vy big aso wat..shw wat neh?huh?oh ya guyz out thre..tat movie gd 4 u al..hhahaha..MUST watch it!!neway 4 me is quite bored la..jz sum prt scared dao ppl de ghost prt is dam fake..nt evn lk ghost aso..jz put n fake teeth oli ma..cheh..i aso can be la..cheh..haha..neway a life without partner in life aso quite fun de..i noe is bored bt i can entertain myself in de other way..p/s:dun tink neg thng ar..haha..find frz to go out hang gai aso quite fun de actually..jz tat dey r nt my bf oli..hv 2 suit myself fast in it so tat my ex no nid so wry bout me..i alwiz mk him wry bout me cz of my thnkin..nw mai nth jo lo..v stil gt close than last tyme..wateva rubbish aso tok de..hehe..feel so hapi to c him lk tat mr worries,sad n responsibility..both of us nw can continue our life lk usual..hehe..hapi go lucky...!!=)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i respect u...

hmm..since he choosed to leave me..i cant du i nid 2 du dy done..begged him??YES..say sowie to him??YES..try to get him bk??YES..nt to let tis relationship let go so easily??YES..i dy du my he stil dun k bout it..n i asked him ytd nite..he stil lub me??de ans is NO..he said nw oli can be close i respect his decision..wat he wan du then jz let him be..he gt de RIGHT to mk any decision cz v're nt married..he's stil available to choose any1 he lk..i jz can pray 4 him in de future n wish him al de best in wateve he du..he alwiz vy careless in duin thngs de..ply fb til al his body injured xpecially his leg..alwiz dun drnk wtr de bt 100plus..notti boi..i evn put his name notti boi in my cntct list..keke..=p nw im ok dy..i dy thnk jor long tyme le..i dy du my prt..he dun appreciate me n tis relationship is his wish..i cant force him to lub me cz he dy dun lub me anymr..i hv to let him go so i aso feel much beta rather than sufferin alone..which my frz alwiz said i 1 sided point of it!!n tat's TRUE!he decided to go tis way go let him go ahead ba..he happi then i aso hapi..lub sum1 no nid to hv him long as he's hapi then i aso feel hapi 4 him..nw i feel much beta wif my single life same goes to him i guess..evnthough i prefer to b in by nw i wun be in lub so fst yet..i learnt frm him..n he teached me alot of thngs..wil alwiz rmb it tis 1yr n 8mnths i realy vy hapi to b wif him..n seriously i realy appreciate our relationship vy much..wil kip our memories as de sweetest memories btw cheah may see n desmond mah..i du lub u wif al my heart n k alwiz n u'll alwiz be in my heart 4eva n eva..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

please come back to me...

once mr im so dam hurt deep inside my mood to du anythn aso..jz feel dwn of cz when i was wrkin i canot shw my sad face to them la..i nid pretend tat im hapi aso..i HAVE to..i noe i hv 2 sty strong bt im tryin nw..i dy try nt to tink of u bt i mind kip on refresh bk our memories when v together..wat can i du to mk u bk to my side?wat can i du to mk u feel hapi wif me??no matter hw hrd i aso can du..jz tat u dun evn wana gv me a chance to do so..i realy lub u wif al my heart n soul..y cant u jz let me be wif u in tis 3mnths since last tyme when i go ns 4 3mnths u aso can wait 4 me..its nt easy to wait sum1 i its nt easy 4 me to 4gt u n b lk normal frz wif u..i realy CANT!!!evydae when i woke up i hupi can c ur msg..i hup 2 c u..i realy miz u alot..y cant u gv us a chance to be together??u dun scared of wasting my tyme..i DUN feel it at al!!my tyme is alwiz 4 u my dear..other than u i duno hu is beta than u..i evn tk u as a prt of my life o mayb mr than a part..u alwiz said tat i gt admirer n i can choose any1 of them..u tink i wil?evn i gt admirer bt de oli person hu i lub is u desmond realy hup u can gv us a chance to b together til u go aus..plz bi..i can gv as much as freedom u nw im wrkin dy no much tyme tob wif u so dun wry of nt gvin u freedom..i WILL!!plz dun waste our tyme le..v dy nt much tyme to b together..i realy appreciate evy moment wif u..plz trust me n gv me a chance bi..i realy lub u so much...i realy miz u alot..plz cm bk 2 me......plz bi.........