Thursday, September 30, 2010

Girls Outing Part 2

why i seems so tall here?
owhhhh..angle problem..
photo taken by bB..
LA gone case for that day..
luckily im still middle..
not bad not bad..
*clap clap*
having a purpose for this time outing..
bB presented her presentation of the day..
what a funny face she had while presenting but overall i would like to give her
btw guys and girls..any opinion?
im still thinking want to leave to singapore for work or stay at kl?
i wonder am i able to do it while im all alone there?
am i able to communicate with those singaporean?
questions keep pop put of my mind..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Outing with the girls@Pavilion

Us again
me and my darling kah hong

me and cute little sy lee
her new hairstyle suits her!
look like a small kids searching for mama and papa

what kind of pig face is this?

having our lunch at 3P.Mat wong kok..
considering tea time i assume
our cameraman was my dear pygie heng's bf..
there is a scene of funny stuff between wei wei and the cameraman!
cant stop laughing when think of it..
after awhile i went to lowyat to visit my boy..
bought him Jco donuts!!
but somehow or rather i dont feel nice after see-ing something..
well..forget it..
past is past..
today is our ONE month anniversary day..
althought this is not my 1st time of celebrating 1st month anniversary
somehow or rather i feel like together with him for a very long period already..
maybe this is what people called as first sight of love?
dont believe in first sight love?
well then you should ask your mom how she feels when she first time bring you to this world
Happy One Month Anniversary My Dear Nick Low

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me&You, Just Us Two

my boy nick and me
love this picture of him
*took by me*

will never let you go dear..
heart you so much
[serious face]
[smiley face]
*smile preferred*
preparing to go for my friend's birthday party

he fold for me..i fold for him..
he force me to take it=(
old version of RM100
woahhh nice!!
without make up@@
my eyes look retarded
*dont laugh*
sayang my baby nick..
sorry for the super late update of my blog again
sorry once again to all my reader
cause in these 2 weeks nothing much for me to blog either..
was spending my time with my boy only..
once Taylor's reopen hardly for me to see him already
btw tomorrow is our anniversary..
every 24th is just our day!!
baby i would like to say
I heart you so much
[Stay tune for today's outing with my girls photos]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My bake >.

Bake of the day: Chocolate chips cookies
*most demanded*
one for my for my his family..
this is yesterday's bake~
my very first time bake egg tart!
looks kinda retard huh??
i tried my very best already..
was trying to make whether im gonna fail or success..
cause i remember my boy told me he loves egg tart..
and yeah..i make it!!
not very nice or not nice either..
my stage PASSED!!
my parents said eatable!!
gonna try on with my very very big project soon..
which is bake birthday cake for my dear birthday on december..
never in my life==
will keep my promise dear..=)

Monday, September 6, 2010

-My Love-

listed as friend in my facebook list without knowing each other..
until the day we met together has became an official friend of mine
you made my day for our very first dinner night..
you make me fall for you when i met you twice..
not because of look..nor MONEY!
but your attitude and personality has become a reality of my mr.right
time isnt a matter..its the matter of how you get through all these..
things always come and go..
people always hi and bye..
but i just wanted to tell him that my love to him will never fade away..
im not trying to sweet talk here..cause even the sweetest chocolate will expired!!
last but not least..
i would like to say
Mayc HEART nick
P/S: Its not an easy thing to find someone you love..and the person love you too..but if you do believe in miracle..thats gonna change everything in your life..=)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A day out with my girls@Pavilion

my darling kah hong

my cute sy lee..=)

siao char bo
wei wei!!

look what she trying to do..
yum yum~~
thats my dinner..=)
too bad wen wen dint present herself today due to transportation problem..
but nevermind we still enjoy our day today by................
and i was busy searching for iphone 3GS..
cause my friend lost it last week while send me to hospital..
3GS has stopped manufactured already..
luckily my friend is a manager for digi..
he helped me to reserved an iphone 3GS 32 GB..
i was looking for 16GB actually but too bad..and i have no choice but to take..
im so looking forward onto my new iphone again..
P/S:Please do not ask me to buy iphone4 cause that phone just not my taste..even i lost my 3GS..i still want back my 3GS just the matter of different memory..=)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kah hong Birthday Bash@ The Ship

face of myself before heading out..
The birthday girl
-Yap Kah Hong-
The photographer
-Ah bao-
heart her so much..
the moment when we together..
my dear penny..
all my darling girls..

most natural shot by our photographer..
im so into the food>.<

All of us!!!
really enjoyed on that night with all of them..
everyone do bring their partner as well on that night..
too bad im still single at that moment.
owh well..
i would like to say
mayc heart you all so much..