Sunday, May 30, 2010

A day at Genting

woot woot
me and derek attack genting!
1st place we went to is casino but im just 20
lets kill em all!!!!
have our breakfast and lunch at genting hotel
sushi king..
damn hard to find this place..
my favourite
tori karaange don!!
KL-RM 12.90
Genting-RM 14.90
they dont have blue plate there cause all of the sushi confirm not less than RM 4.00
promoting Iphone 3GS..
playing games..
sms someone?
im getting bored..
wait so long already..
bad services..

so many aunty uncle waiting at outside casino!!
cant wait to shout..

dont know why weekdays also so many people..
enjoying java chips at starbuck..
nice nice..=D
and now his turn to play game

camwhore time!!

at last i get to enjoy the fresh air at genting..
seriously damn relaxing and comfy..
how i wish i stay there..
not like KL..
every morning wake up..
PIN PIN PON PON here and there..
traffic everywhere..
thanks to derek too cause he is the one suggest to go genting..
hope to go there again soon
anyway coming up next car shoot soon..
stay tune with me yea

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Evening Dress Shoot

Special thanks to Leon Lee and Thomas Yong for their great work
i do love their work very very much..
hope to work with EOS CANON MALAYSIA more in future..
alright that the end of the world cup shoot and also evening dress shoot
coming up more shoot?
oh not sure about that..
catch up with me for more updates..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

World Cup Shoot by EOS Canon Malaysia[REAL] PT.3

thats all for the world cup theme shot!!
how was it peeps?
credit to EOS CANON MALAYSIA for the great work..
i'm lovin it!!
coming up next evening dress shot by Leon lee and Thomas yong..
stay tune with me for evening dress shot!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World Cup Shoot by EOS Canon Malaysia[REAL] PT.2

Photography by David Hu..
nice shot and sharp image by him..
credit to david hu for his great work..
coming up next great shot by other photographers..
more and more coming soooooonnnn