Friday, April 22, 2011

Future is a destination.

Hello to all my readers..
Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long long long time..
Was busy with my current job..
Whats up peeps? =)

I started to realize its not easy to become a human..
Work.. love..
Responsible become bigger and heavier..
Im tired..yes.. i really tired..=/

Good times will come soon after the bad ones..
YES! i do believe in that!
Bf always ask me whats my plan in future?
Well..i do answer him as what i wanted and whats in my mind at that moment..
And for my blog readers..
Its P&C =p

I believe someday sometime somehow i will success in a way..
I wont express it in words but time will prove everything..
People around being supportive and always be by your side whenever needed..
Thats what we called true friends.. true soul mate..


Does anyone of you out there really know whats are you gonna be in future?
Whats your plan for future?
How are you gonna make it happen in future?
With who?

Somehow when human grow older they tend to think more..
No about puppy love..not about scandals..
Its all about the plan in future!

If plan A doesn't works..
Please do not give up..there is still 25 more letters to go..

What's yours then?

Think about it and question yourself..


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