Thursday, September 23, 2010

Outing with the girls@Pavilion

Us again
me and my darling kah hong

me and cute little sy lee
her new hairstyle suits her!
look like a small kids searching for mama and papa

what kind of pig face is this?

having our lunch at 3P.Mat wong kok..
considering tea time i assume
our cameraman was my dear pygie heng's bf..
there is a scene of funny stuff between wei wei and the cameraman!
cant stop laughing when think of it..
after awhile i went to lowyat to visit my boy..
bought him Jco donuts!!
but somehow or rather i dont feel nice after see-ing something..
well..forget it..
past is past..
today is our ONE month anniversary day..
althought this is not my 1st time of celebrating 1st month anniversary
somehow or rather i feel like together with him for a very long period already..
maybe this is what people called as first sight of love?
dont believe in first sight love?
well then you should ask your mom how she feels when she first time bring you to this world
Happy One Month Anniversary My Dear Nick Low

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