Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My bake >.
Bake of the day: Chocolate chips cookies
*most demanded*
one for my for my his family..
this is yesterday's bake~
my very first time bake egg tart!
looks kinda retard huh??
i tried my very best already..
was trying to make whether im gonna fail or success..
cause i remember my boy told me he loves egg tart..
and yeah..i make it!!
not very nice or not nice either..
my stage PASSED!!
my parents said eatable!!
gonna try on with my very very big project soon..
which is bake birthday cake for my dear birthday on december..
never in my life==
will keep my promise dear..=)


Cruel Angel said...

woot... good on the walkway & in the kitchen too!

Mayc Cheah said...

thanks for your compliment..=)