Thursday, September 2, 2010

A day out with my girls@Pavilion

my darling kah hong

my cute sy lee..=)

siao char bo
wei wei!!

look what she trying to do..
yum yum~~
thats my dinner..=)
too bad wen wen dint present herself today due to transportation problem..
but nevermind we still enjoy our day today by................
and i was busy searching for iphone 3GS..
cause my friend lost it last week while send me to hospital..
3GS has stopped manufactured already..
luckily my friend is a manager for digi..
he helped me to reserved an iphone 3GS 32 GB..
i was looking for 16GB actually but too bad..and i have no choice but to take..
im so looking forward onto my new iphone again..
P/S:Please do not ask me to buy iphone4 cause that phone just not my taste..even i lost my 3GS..i still want back my 3GS just the matter of different memory..=)

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