Monday, September 6, 2010

-My Love-

listed as friend in my facebook list without knowing each other..
until the day we met together has became an official friend of mine
you made my day for our very first dinner night..
you make me fall for you when i met you twice..
not because of look..nor MONEY!
but your attitude and personality has become a reality of my mr.right
time isnt a matter..its the matter of how you get through all these..
things always come and go..
people always hi and bye..
but i just wanted to tell him that my love to him will never fade away..
im not trying to sweet talk here..cause even the sweetest chocolate will expired!!
last but not least..
i would like to say
Mayc HEART nick
P/S: Its not an easy thing to find someone you love..and the person love you too..but if you do believe in miracle..thats gonna change everything in your life..=)