Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me&You, Just Us Two

my boy nick and me
love this picture of him
*took by me*

will never let you go dear..
heart you so much
[serious face]
[smiley face]
*smile preferred*
preparing to go for my friend's birthday party

he fold for me..i fold for him..
he force me to take it=(
old version of RM100
woahhh nice!!
without make up@@
my eyes look retarded
*dont laugh*
sayang my baby nick..
sorry for the super late update of my blog again
sorry once again to all my reader
cause in these 2 weeks nothing much for me to blog either..
was spending my time with my boy only..
once Taylor's reopen hardly for me to see him already
btw tomorrow is our anniversary..
every 24th is just our day!!
baby i would like to say
I heart you so much
[Stay tune for today's outing with my girls photos]

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