Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is not me!=)

On our 2nd month anniversary day
24th nov 2010
edited by him
simply love the lighting..
right after our haircut and new hair colour..
this is so not me!!
photo taken by my boy at wong kok@1U..
he says that i look more friendly and cute after cutting this hair..
im old enough to be cute though
everyone asking and wondering why i dare to cut so short..
it was like more that half of my hair gone case!
well..i guess i should say
-its time for some changes-
simply just too bored with my long hair till my butt!!
im pretty satisfied with my current hair length and colour..


MizzFattyisCute said...

I like ur theme song . Really nice and i felt better and peace after heard it . Thx for sharing.

Mayc Cheah said...

you're always welcome..=)