Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Piorneer Roadshow@Sunway Giza

-All of us-

our agent william..

check out who that?

daphne and me

me and esther..
first of all i would like to apologize to all my blog reader for not updating my blog..
im just too................
let me get started with this event..
held at Sunway Giza which is also on the same day with Underground Battle Dance Live on Astro!
on that day was just rehearsal i guess but is already kind pack of people..
cant imagine on the real day!
performance by BEATBOX!!
one word to describe him...
oh yeah im late to this event job cause im at sg wg with my boy and also daphne for lunch..
agent was keep calling but we keep saying that we're on our way but actually we're NOT!!
we still having our lunch and taking our own sweet time..
im here to thanks to my boy who willing to wait for me till i finish work from 1P.M till 8P.M
he just too afraid anything happen to me plus the top that they provided way too....
erhmmm..know ya?

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