Saturday, December 4, 2010

Part 1-Nick Low's 21st Birthday bash!=)

Few shots before we leave house

V1 Concept Restaurant&Bar
all of them busy ordering~~
My bestie Annie chiong
love her so much
The birthday boy ordered -Grilled Chicken Breast-
-Fish and chips-
its mine!
smile honey......
All of us
Bought it at Alexis
french cake!
such a wonderful cake..
i'm lovin it!
Making wishes..
*hopefully we can get marry soon*
Forced to take picture in this way..
The Library,The Curve

Everything started here~~
such a pity boy..

Whole body full of creamyyyy

And now busy washing at washroom
Round 1:- V1 Concept Restaurant&Bar @ puchong
-over eated-
Round 2:- The Library@ The Curve
-over excited-
Real fun and exciting to hang out with a bunch of them..
lots of jokes and funny stuff to share with..
i do hope my boy enjoyed his birthday night..
although someone bang my bf car once we came out from house..
really ruin up our feeling at that moment..
but luckily all of his friends manage to make him happy and smile..
i would like to thanks to all of them who willing to join this party although i dint plan it nicely..
nevertheless we still enjoy spraying cream on my boy..

Today was his real birthday date!!
5th December
Last but not least i would like to wish my lovely bf
have a blast in your life and lets hope for the best in our lives..
heart you so much
to be continue......

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Anonymous said...

aw it looks like you guys had so much fun. Happy birthday to him.