Saturday, December 13, 2008

being too faithful...

what can i do to make you stay?
what can i do to make you care about me?
what can i do to make you love me?
what can i do to make you satisfied?
what can i do to make you be by my side?
what can i do to make you stop clubbing?

the answer is:NOTHING THAT I CAN DO!!

i knew something which im not suppose to know..
sometimes i feel that i dono better than know..
once i know about it my heart will keep bleeding..
anyhow im not your gf anymore so you can do watever you like..
example went to clubbing wif gals n have FUN with them by kissing them n hug them..
you did that..i knew..
if you really want do so then just go ahead..
dont find me and talk rubbish with me..
dont tell my friend that you stil love me..
if you really still love me,you will think about me before you do something but too bad..
anyway,i hope you dont hang me but let me go..
maybe you let me go you will feel better and good for us..
dont hang me please..i feel so suffer..
i love you so much till now at last?
have you ever do something back?
the answer is NO!
you addicted to club..
no1 can help you except you urself..
i know you want to try something new..
maybe i being too faithful at last hurt back myself..
anyway enjoy your single life now..
i know you will feel much better than couple..
bi..take care..

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