Monday, December 1, 2008

met up wif 5guyz!!!^^

im so hapi today tat i gt to met up wif 5 guyz..
which cm frm diff countries..
thre were frm singapore..canada n so on..
dey cm in my shp n buy clothes n dey try to b nc wif me..
1st of al dey mk a bet on me to guess hw old am i..
oli 2 guys correct n de others wrg n each of them nid to pay 10 bucks..
mk a bet on me using $$...
al dey hv is jz $$$..
kip on askin me tis n tat mk me feel so hapi to chat wif them..
singaporean is NICE to chat wif!!^^
dey cm at 530 then i finish wrk at 6..
saw them at dwnstairs hangin arnd to buy sum stuff to go bk..
dey goin bk 2ml..
dey asked me to hv dinner wif them..
oh gosh!!tats great!!
we ate teppanyaki..
n dey hate it!!
cz oily..hahaha..
took alot of pic wif them..
bt dey hvnt send it to me tru facebook..
get to shppin wif them to buy stuff 4 their gf's..
help them to choose n bring them to de shop which suit them..
dey lk casual..
glad to met up wif them!hehe..
so frzly..
i realy enjoy wiff them evn awhile..
dey said wil kip in touch wif me..
hupfully dey wil kip their promise..
realy hup to them again 2ml 4 de last tyme..
wil miz u guyz alot..

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