Thursday, December 11, 2008

i feel it back..

someone who i always wished him to come and meet me..
someone who i kept waiting all this while..
someone who i always miss..
someone who i love the most..
someone who i really love..
its you desmond mah..
you came and find me today..
i feel so suprize when i saw you once i close up de door..
even we talked just awhile but i feel so happy..
u kissed on my cheeks before you went off make me feel so warm..
thanks alot..
when i on my way back t home you called me again til i reach home cause you scared stranger will follow me..
i din know that you still so worried about me..
that time you were around my house..
so you decided to mit up awhile even just 10mins..
once i saw you my tears starts to 'rain'
i just cant control myself..
you cried on my shoulder..
you hug me tight..
you asked me not to cry..
i feel your love to me..
been long time dint feel it already..
you give me back the feeling that i lost it 2mnths ago..
can you please dun leave me anymore?
even we dint bk together but i just hope we can be like last tyme..
no arguement..
can we?

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