Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love is a four letter words..

Let me start it with a love blog for today..
Does anyone of you can describe the meaning of 'LOVE'?
Everybody knows that there are many type of loves in this world..

Is this the meaning?
Love is shoulder to cry on,ears to listen to,
eyes to look after, hand to hold on.

As u can see on the top of the picture written
''I need your love everyday''
what kind of 'love' it could be?

The words 'I Love You' have lost it true meaning..
so rather than believing in it when you hear it,
just believe it when you FEEL it.

Love is not blind,
it sees but it doesnt mind.

Well, there is actually something happened on me
this blog is too public to reveal it out..
at the same time i dont feel like talk much for that particular topic either..
i just can say i have been killed silently.

Sometimes have to pretend that im happy just to stop everyone from asking me what the hell happened..
no matter how much i tell myself im over someone,
my heart knows the truth.

Happiness is not about having hwat you want, but loving what you have..
and thus i love my boyf so much..

If you want to feel rich, do count every single thing around you..
appreciate people around you before its too late.

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fashion wardrobe consultant said...

You look really good in your photos.
Keep smiling.