Saturday, November 27, 2010

My boy advanced birthday present =)

iphone 4
this is my silly boy obsessed with his new toy right now..
and thats why he abandon me for few hours cause busy with his iphone..
baddd boy!!
but still i love him so much..
this was the most expensive ever present to my bf..
since his birthday is coming so soon..
yet i decided to buy him an iphone 4..
although waited at Digi centre for like about 3 hours..
as long as i can see his smile..
everything worth it..
hopefully he will like it and appreciate it as much as he can..
most important is love me more than the iphone 4 please..


itachiyang said...

jealous + ing...........

Mayc Cheah said...

hahaha..dont have to itachi..=) different ppl express their love in different you will actually find your own true love soon..=) good luck and take care my friend..