Friday, November 26, 2010

Our 3rd monthsary@Jogoya

happy 3rd monthsary my dear nick low

Yum Yummmmmuyyy..
nice thai coconut..
thai sauce fish

steamed prawn
chicken meatball
but nice..=)
some kind of fish..
shead crab..
all sort of expressions he expressed cause this is his first time eating sashimi..
my silly boy..
forced by me..

finally we had our tea before go leave..
the purpose i choose jogoya cause my boy havent try before..
since many peoples say that jogoya food getting not nice..
let us try for the last time then..
start eating from 5P.M till 9.30P.M..
this is really insane!!
no choice but have to eat cause its BUFFET!!
we went in with empty stomach and come out with a trolley of food!!
end up so hard to sleep cause ate too much..
Happy 3th Monthsary my silly boy..
love you so much dear..

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