Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Valentine Day '11

My hubby nick low <3
His full hearted hand made cardboard for me..
full of surprise and real touched my heart..
always my silly boy..
heart you baby..
my pressie to him..
guess what?
its just a Polo Haus..*wink*
his hand made roses by his tie..
real creative..

one of my favy photo..

look like small little boy to me..
a TRUE smile from our heart

Happy Valentine Day!!
this is gonna be Mayc & Nick 1st valentine celebration..
Love you hubby!!
Your care and love to me really touched my heart

No candle dinner..No roses..No chocolate..
my boy knew that i love sushi very much and so he bring me to sushi king..
and yet im very happy for that..=)
cause i get to celebrate with my beloved ones..

Everyday is just a valentine day for us..
why does your boy need spend more on 14th feb?
just because its OFFICIALLY valentine day?'re wrong!!
if your boy spend few hundreds on that day..i guess he need spend more than 10k a month..

People used to celebrate their valentine for having
candle dinner?
most expensive dinner ever?
half of your bf's salary or ALL?
and for guys..they always said..
'nevermind sweetheart,as long as you happy'
and the TRUTH is..
his wallet bleeding.............................and yet he gotta shut the hell up..

Have you girls ever think does happiness came from money?

Please grab your bf right now and say thank you from bottom of your heart to him
only your faithful love is the greatest gift to him..
Message to my hubby nick low chun weng:-

I really appreciated for your gave me the most PRICELESS gift ever to me which is your LOVE..
You have putted so much effort in order to maintain our relationship..
Thank you very much baby..

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