Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Guci Babes Shoot!!

soul sister forever..

my bf accompany me for few hours just for the shooting..
he became one of our photographer of the day as well..
thanks baby <3

me and my boyf
photo taken by lena yap..

shoot at Bukit Jalil Park..
enjoyed my day so much with all my babes..
on that day itself was a real hot day..
but well..we managed to shoot as well..

models was more than photographers!!
thats really abnormal..==

thanks to my boyf nick who waited for me for few hours under the hot sun..
while waiting he be part time photographer to shoot us as well..
most of the photo on top was shoot by him..
credit to this newbie =p

thanks to penny who organize this shoot..
we love you so much and i love all my soul sister..
forever we stay together..

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