Thursday, March 10, 2011

Work. Money. Future

Finally i found a great office job as my full time job..
This is gonna be my very first time work in a big company..
i have no experience and yet the manager willing to give me a chance to learn..
thanks for the chance..

Going to grab some wardrobe tomorrow with the love..
start working on next wednesday already..
ohh gosh..
time flies...........................

No more playing and having fun..
is time to earn more money..
im already 21st..
i want to have a bright future between my bf and me..
if we dont work hard from now on..
everything is gonna be too late..
even now i also feel late already..

Work full time in office..
part time in another government project..
anyone interested to earn more income can leave me a message..
i will PM you back asap..

Lets wish me luck for everything..
hope everything going on smoothly..
money non stop coming in like nobody bisness..


TJ said...

Good luck and all the best to your new job. =]

Mayc Cheah said...

TJ-thanks alot..=)

wintergurl said...

congrats you found a good job and all the best .

I am interested to earn income . can you give me more detail . thx

shan said...

i am intrested to earn extra income...mind to share with me =)

Mayc Cheah said...

wintergurl-i failed to find you in facebook..mind PM me on fb?so that i can add you..=)

shan- i added you in facebook already..will discuss with you soon..=)