Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second celebration of my birthday @ Pavilion,KL

my sweetheart bB..=)
toto and us..=)

most natural picture..

candle about to blown off................
making wish..
i guess my boy will know what kind of wish i made..=p
wow greedy girl..
she wants ALL!!!!
my dear tungjie..

been forced to do so..

my dear mun mun..

my dear wei wei,.
Supposedly i should blog about this earlier ago but due to time not convenient for me to blog and so i blog it today..

Thanks to all my girls so much and purposely make a small surprise for me..
really touched my heart..

Didn't know they planned to do so..
everything is like out of my mind when i saw 5 little cutie cakes on the table right after i being pulled to toilet by wei wei..

So cute of them for making this small surprise for me..
once again i would like to thanks to all my beloved soul sisters..
I love you girls so so so much!!


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