Sunday, November 30, 2008

scary man!!

my goodness...scary man..
thre is a malay guy follow me frm lrt station til i bk hm..
i nid to walk along tat road then oi i reach my condo de..
too bd he choosed me..!
nw i go bk aso scared le..
i scared he noe i finish wrk at wat time.
at 1st he asked do i live here?then i said yes..
ask sumr hw much per month then i said duno cz nt i pay.
then hw start askin whre i wrk..
wrk at whre?
gt bf o nt?
y bf dun fetch me?
i said i no bf he dun trust me..sighh..
he said y my malay so fluent?
whre i study?
hw old?
then de alst que tat he ask b4 i step in2 my condo gate he said can i date wif u?
hw cm tis kind of thngs wil happen on me?
i jz scared he wil follow me once again cz i alwiz reach hm at de same time..
wat shud i du nw??T.T


Rabbit's lui said...

Dont care about that guy la~ so dangerous~ be careful next time~ don't talk with stranger k~

MaYc said...

hmm..ok ok i noe de la..haiz..kik sei me..nw i walk bk aso scared jo..haizzz