Wednesday, January 28, 2009

am i addicted to it??

i guess kinda long time dint update my blog yea..

i dont know what to write cause everyday many kinds of different stuff happened around me..

just talk about this week what have i done during cny..

oh yea from de 1st day of cny till today im totally bored..

din go back hometown and no1 come to my hse cause my grandma just passed away last mnth..

chinese ppl said that those family member who are dead cant give angpou but only can receive..

its kinda weird cause other people give to us and we din gove back..

so the best is dont go anywhere but stay at home..


everyday went out..

1st day of cny already go out drink beer with my friends..

oh gosh!!

1st time drank 2bottles at 1 shot!

tat time kinda blur already..

almost drunk..

2nd day of cny went to drink with my friends again..

oh no..

this time i drank 3bottles and i straight away slpt on the table..

[i know im bad in drinking]

i dont really used to drink cause i din go club before..

luckily that time got 3 of my friends there and they carry me out..

so embarrasing..

they carry me like carrying baby..[lol]

i cant even walk or stand still..

thought of drinking it today too but i need to get some rest 1st or else i dont know how..

dont know why i start to drink alcohol nowadays..

am i addicted to it??

i hope im not cause drink too much beer will got tummy..

1 comment:

Joe said...

when i drinking till tipsy will regard i addicted it...
anywhere, hopes u have a happy chinese new year...