Saturday, January 31, 2009

what day is today?

[2 P.M]
-walking to LRT station-i bought a pass for the month of feb-forgot to buy ticket for today and straight away pass by in the gate..from sentul timur to titiwangsa just need 1 buck-paying 1 buck for tisket once i reach titiwangsa station-i told that malay girl that i forgot to buy ticket and she gave me 1 kinda of weird face looking at me thought that i dont want to pay

[2.40 P.M]
-reached and had lunch with my working friends til 4P.M at sushi station 6th floor-walk around while waiting for my friend yimin to go pavillion watch movie

[4.30 P.M]
-yeah!!there you are!waited her for so long then we walked to pavillion and 1st of all we went to buy tiskets-ALL'S WELL END'S WELL-i watched it twice but still so funny-we have our sakae sushi as our lunch+dinner-we ate quite alot till we cant move-getting fatter and fatter

-yuhoo!!movie gonna starts soon at 6.35P.M although we came out fast from sakae sushi but yet we late 5 minutes for the movie cause we keep finding for toilet!!swt

-Movie finished and yimin's friend send me back home while both of them going to club tonight!

This is what we do in the toilet and make us late for movie:-


WeiZz said...

haha.. so funny oh ur picture^^
nice take~~
ALL's Well End's Well really for fun!! XD
take care.. enjoy chinese new year lo^^

MaYc said...

haha..funi?yea yea dam funny..i watched it twice..stil laugh lk hell..hhe..hapi cny..