Thursday, January 8, 2009

A big burden for me...

im tired and sick of sports la..
but this year i have to study hard for my STPM..
last year for me to be in school..
once school reopen will be dam busy with sports..
INSANE!!my school sports day end of feb..haiz...
damn fast!!
have got no time for me for training..
suddenly today got house practise meeting today..
all of us gather and al those junior choosed me as captain for 2009..
swt!!!dam blur at that time..
everyone clapping hands and voted for me..
at that moment i tell to myself
'oh no,a big burden for me to guide so many juniors including myself'
i have to train myself..i have to work something on it!
all of them putting high hopes on me..
i cant make them disappointed..
i getting more and more pressure now..
study and sports at the same time..
by now i have to make myself clear which is focus on sports 1st..
i have to enter as many events as possible..
i have to work hard on it..i dont want to lose!!!!!
always aim 1st!!!
i knew i would be tired and i scared i wil injured my leg once more..
i used to sprain my leg and hand last tyme when i go for competition o training..
the purpose they choosed me because im the ex-olahragawati in 2007 for my school..
i promised them that this year of 2009 wont lose to the others and i will try my best to get as many marks as possible..
its not an easy job for me to guide them..
captain have to responsibility in taking care of them too..
2nd time being a captain in my school..
any mistake sure find me..anyone missing sure find me..
i used to ponteng society last yr..
no more ponteng ponteng for me this year instead of it i must be more hardworking to train all my juniors..
what i promised,i will make it!!


WeiZz said...

hmm.. jia you
just do ur best..
their trust u got the power..
therefore u have to try ur best..
everyone believe u can do it..
work hard on everything ya..
wish u all the best.. ^^
take care!!

MaYc said...

hmm...alrite..thnx..i wil try my best then..