Monday, January 12, 2009

i dont want to know!!!

i dont want to know!!!
i dont want to know!!!
i dont want to know!!!

what he do outside there no longer my business..

whatever he want to do then just go ahead..

i have nothing to say..

im moving on now..

Dear all my friends,

if you all saw him at somewhere else with anyone please do not tell me..

i really dont want to know!!!

each time when i know bout it feel so......

that kind of feeling hard to describe..

even i myself also dont know why i will have that kind of feeling in my heart..

all my dear friends please listen up here..

no matter what u see please do not tell me..

i rather i dont know anything better than know..


WeiZz said...

ur frens just worry u!!
jia you ya..
all ur frens will supporting u..
u sitll got frens and family..
wish u always happy

MaYc said...


yea i noe.

i wil de..

im movin on nw..

wish me luck

WeiZz said...

en en.. wish u have a good future^^
nice to meet u..
hope ur life will be more colourful^^
all the best ya!!

MaYc said...

thnx wei..

i noe wat to do de la.

lettin him go is de best way evn i stil lub him..

i admit tat!!

decided to let him go dy neway..

WeiZz said...

oh.. no wonder how!!
take care ya..
en en, wish him and wish u too!!
jia you~~
u still have a lot chance~~ ^_^
haha..ur welcome..
i also got write down like u..
now seldom post only~~
busy study and working~~ lolz
STPM must hardworking lo..

MaYc said...

hmm..alrite..thnx 4 ur concern..glad to noe u..(evnthough i duno)haha.neway im ok wif it...jz nid sum time then i wil b ok..

WeiZz said...

En en.. frens bless u!! ^_^
haha.. which frens are not on dont know becomes know?? XD
ok, take care~~
good night~~