Monday, February 2, 2009

happy moments..

happy moment is not always got..

we have to appreciate everything..everything..really everything..

and so i have to write down every single things that happen between me and you..

yesterday you just came back from korea trip with your family and im sure you must be very tired..

i waited for your call and message till this morning..

shows 9 A.M. sharp you message me and says 'bi..morning..'

i straight away woke up and replied you,,,

i ask why you wake up so early and u answered 'i miss you'

then u called me out and wil reach my house at 1030 A.M.

bring me out for breakfast at island cafe located at setapak..

heading to sg wang to fix your hp and we took sticker picture at 2nd floor..

it takes about few hours there..haha..

going to times square watch movie but no ticket..sob..

stupiak cinema so small..

we sat and chit chat for awhile..

went to see watch and walk awhile..

time pass by so fast..

already 5.30 P.M. and he need to fetch me back early cause he got things to do..

when we go out from times square main door..

OMG!!rain heavily!!

he took out his jacket and cover over my head..

at that moment my feeling comes back..

but it no longer..

have to seperate with him no matter how..

happy moments doesnt last long..

1 comment: said...

appreciate what u have
thanks for what you belongs
bless everything around u
is happy to c u n him still have the heart to each other