Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what can i say about guys?

who are they?
do they really have cock?
do they really know what does a boy responsibility?
what they do everyday and NIGHT??
flirting around?or at home accompany their own girlfriend's?or girlfriends?
what have they done to girl?
in a good way or bad way?
do they really know what the meaning of APPRECIATE?
for me not even quater of them yes..
not that i wanted to insult them..
but guys out there please wake up la..
and girls please be more alert la..
girls is not a toy or vegetable for you guys to play..
when you need girls then try no matter how hard to get them also..
after in your hand?what have you guys done?
i guess i no need to say also know the answer yea?
as for me guys used to find their on fault..
dont you think so?
not i say..even guys themself admit that..
usually guys once reached 18 sure started to play around..
flirt something which not suppose to do like?
drug?smoke?clubbing?or maybe one night stand?
even nowadays 13 years old girls and boys also know go to clubbing..
wow...awesome yea??barcelona..forever my lala land..
that's for me..
for me...guy can be good and can be cruel as well..
this is what i experience it before..
they can even just leave their own gf in just a blink of eyes..
saying that dont love you anymore this and that..
hey guy!we are well as you too..
think of our feelings before making any decision..
dont try be selfish eventhough i know that human are selfish..
i start to hate guy after today..
i felt that guy is just so *******
i know im being emo today..
ignore me then..

*Note:those words that i have just said its true and it really happened on me but its just my offence to ppl out there..



Anonymous said...

I think not all the guys will do something that not suppose to do gua and dun even know how to appreciate their gf @@ but of course there are some guys who is like that one. @@ I've seen some guys who r really a good bf b4. haha.. anyway.. dun so emo la =]

Just my own opinion. peace~ =] said...

wow~~its really emo..
haha..hope they read this..
dun awes make decision that they think is good for us..

guyz,dont hurt who you love.
u will regret in someday when you found you hurt someone you love.
we do not need the most things from you.
what we need is just stay with you, and love you.Appreciate what we have and give, enjoy what can we do for you..because we will leave when we finish our love to you.

MaYc said...

ya..realy a gd bf?yes they wil it last long?u dare to guarantee that dey wun break n hapi 4ever?i hv tat kind of happiness b4 bt at lst?tat guy tk it al bk..hw i feel then?du u al thnk bout us?NO!!!

MaYc said...

xin..i totally argueed wif u..dey were lk jz tk thng easy goin..wat de dey felt tat girl oli ma..whre aso gt la..scraed dun hv meh?guy thnkin is lk tat..i wil mk al my guy hu gv me bd memories b4 4 them to regret tat losing of me is their lost!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

err... nvm la.. I know what I said all is useless for now.. ermm... dun so emo la... be happy la... =/

MaYc said...

patrick..evn urself aso speechless..guys themselves told me that guys realy **** sigh...i hv nth to say dy..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..aiya.. yea lor.. but not all the guys is like that la =.= u will meet someone who really good one day. haha.

WeiZz said...

i wil mk al my guy hu gv me bd memories b4 4 them to regret tat losing of me is their lost!!!**

u know how to think..this is the best way to telling them.. jia you!!

about ur feeling of that blog..
agree with u.. around my frens also same.. I dont know why they want like that... maybe everyone thinking things are different..
therefore have to work hard to find out that 1 is really u can understand each needed!!

gambateh... nice blog.. wish a lot of ur boyfrens can understand it..and the important things is know to treasure everything!! ^^

MaYc said...

patrick i guess when i found tis dy in de coffin..guy cant be trusted..nowadays all guys n gals favourite place is at??CLUB!!!!jz lk their hse nw..hw to find u say la?evn guy themself aso admit sux!!

MaYc said...

weizz..guyz sux matter hw i say bout them..dey wil nv wk up frm their dream..kip dreamin n flirting srnd..nw their thnkin jz wana hv fun wif use to tok so much..wateve great thng infrnt of them nw...dey eun appreaciate it..dey tk it 4 granted..wat can u do?NTH!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. eh.. seriously.. i nvr went to club b4.. entrance fee expensive and i duno how to drink beer and duno dance at all =.= i dun wan later reach there and sit at there like a dumb.. haha.. XD waste time waste money.. =.=

WeiZz said...

en en... Im understand ur meaning MayC... dont be unhappy because of it!!
This world is like this..
Ever around got 1 of my BestFren is like this.. i'm already told him!!
he still choosing like that..
we nothing can do... i very hate him..actually!! but haiz~~~
So MayC just be urself...
dont think too much...
life will become more beauty!!
jia you ba..
learning is good.. but dont let urself inside the unhappy mood!!
You're the right to write out this feeling!! Great!!
jia you ur STPM ya!!
take care~~~


mokuMeguri said...

im 100% agree wif u!
bt jz for some buys!
for me,those boy are suck!
hurt u one time nt enuf,hav to hurt u d other time!
is stupid for me to believe him wont hurt me d other times!
guys swear = lie!
after in hand,one month u can wif him avday,after tat..oni hav to find own activity myself,n jz wait for him to find me..@@
useless man!!
fren is better than bf!
even a dog oso better than d boy!