Tuesday, March 31, 2009

whats going on around me??

lets start with yesterday..
my silly babe bB not happy..
yesterday night was my 1st night saw her emo infront of me..
usually she used to be the most tough girl among 3 of us..
but yesterday i realize something..
no matter how tough a person,one day sure weak..THIS IS FOR SURE!
i thought im ok yesterday and i even gave advise to her unfortunately i saw something went i forward email to my friends..
omg..i really dont want to see that..but what can i do?
my heart totally very pain at that moment..
i let go?or i dont?omg i really dont know..
end up my silly babe bB give me advise back..lolx...
not forgotten soh poh weiwei..
DJ bB and DJ liew weiwei dedicate a song for me..
just to entertain me back...lolx..thnxxxx..
as what i told 1 of my ex...
a glass broken into pieces eventhough you glue it back,will it still can be use?
even can be used,those broken pieces were still there no matter how..
it wont look like last time anymore..
everything will changed..
something which is not yours,forever it wont be yours!
looking forward is the best solution as what im doing right now..


bB Girl said...

Sorry babe huh..Yesterday emo to u
But is ur's pleasure lai geh
Few ppl saw me emo b4 geh ler..haha
I'm ok le..HOw bout u ?
Hope u ok too !

Yoyo..Dj bB in the house again
this time is
MOve move shake shake and drop
hahaha...38 again ==

miss ya much~!
Saturday meet la wei~!

MaYc said...

babe..thre is no sorry btw me n u..sha poh..saw mai saw lo..evy1 aso wil emo de..c when oli ma..hehe..

u wana sot a?ok..tis at we sot together..hong join me..shouting all arnd de street..wakakak...

alrite..c u on tis sat ba..hehe...

xin_d.blog said...

long time din chat with u liao..
hope u been well there..
i think we in the same situation again..i confuse in my feeling to him liao..
duno what it mean..

good luck to u!!