Thursday, March 26, 2009

carnival day~~

hey hey ladies n gentlemen..
boys and girls..
its my school 110th birthday celebration..
all of you all out there invited to come..
no entrance fee~
what you guys waiting for?
come and join us..its fun..[i guess]lolx..
the main games is fishing game..
not only games..
many more stalls and other stuff also..
i'll be at one of the stall..=D[been forced]
come and find me there ba..=)

DATE:29th march 2009(sunday)

PLACE:taman tasik titiwangsa,kuala lumpur


thats not all..
for boys out there..
can go there know more girls too..blek..=p
dont forget i came from girls school..=D
prizes,hamper and CASH to be won..
not you wait for it BUT they waiting for you~~
aiyah..dont know how to explain..
go there experience it yourself ba..lolx..

see ya there~


WeiZz said...

Oh.. really ah!!
Then im asking my frens want to go or not!!
hehe XD
Enjoy yourself.. haha =D
thanks ur invite to everyone!! =P
take care!!

MaYc said...

okok..if u got go then try to find me at either 1 of de stalls thre lo..hehe