Saturday, March 21, 2009



why three of us always having problem in love?
is this fate?
why god choosed us?
i just dont understsnd..
bb asked me to go out with her today and yes..
we went to sg wang..
she need a big hug from me..
she is sad because of LOVE..
wei is sad because of LOVE too..
L O V E this word really hurt so many peoples..


i could understand weiwei's feeling today..
i dont understand why must she carry a big burden?
its so suffer for her..
weiwei all i can say is just let him go and start on with ur new life..
not worth for you to love him anymore..
he dont deserved to have you..
just remember that!



among three of us i felt that you are the most tough ones..
even if you are not,i guess me n weiwei sure extremely weak..
you know how to manage your love life..
just that many problems occur among you and your partner..
even yourself also dont know what to do..
people dont know how to cherish you doesnt mean you're not good..
choose wisely..choose the one who really love you and care about you..
dont ever let LOVE to make you down!!



i dont know how to describe my feeling right now..
after all this half years..
i can consider as put down those sadness which always hunt me..
yes i really did it!
this is what my ex taught me last time..
i should change my stubborness..
be more patient..
try hard to put on my love to someone who i love..
love him more than myself..[as i always do]
sometimes i really dont know what is in a guy's mind?
what they actaully thinking?
how to read people's mind?
waitng is not a good solution..
waiting is also a mental torture..
is there anyone can tell me?
im curious..


Bibi Wei wei said...

my dear ...
LOVE reli make me feel tired adi ~
i dunnoe wan how oni can make dou my bf de heart is belong to me forever ~

bB Girl said...

My dear..
Its touch..
I also come Love's problem always stick with us..
Izzit really cant just pass hapiness? dear..
Cheer up ok..i trust that ur's love can beat down everythings and get the "one" u love...ahahah may see so sok one...
hahahaha.. love u babe..
thx ya..i knw what i doing ya..
No worries...muack~!

* wen * said...

i love tis sentences~people dont know how to cherish you doesnt mean you're not good..

it's true!
i bliv that our partners love us.
but just some of them not suit for us..mayb becoz of different personality or sumthing else.
why we suffering is just bcoz we love them more than love ourselves.

sumtimes love thingy is just so complicated
when u found the one who love u much.u dun love him as he do
but when we found someone we really love..he dont know hw to cherish us..

but i bliv one day we can find someone that we reli love and he will know the way to cherish us.

gambateh gals!

MaYc said... 3 babe saw my realy hapi..yea..we sud gambateh..dun let love mk us fall apart..we can du it!dun be too smart nor too stupid..jz moderate is enuf!