Monday, March 23, 2009

mumps sick..

im having mumps sick..
its 1 kind of sickness..
im sure many peoples dont know what is that sick..
what caused it?
cant believe that im having this kind of sickness..
im suffering like hell since yesterday till now..
just realise it this morning when i woke up..
and yet my parents force me to so school..

-loss appetite
-lack of energy
-swell on neck
-sore throat

it will also spread to the others..especially in school..
1 of my friend suffering since last week till now..
omg and she said need to go for phisioteraphy..
no one bring me go see doctor even today i went to see doctor alone after finish school..
feel so suffer the whole day..
dont feel like talking..
dont feel like moving much..
just wana to sit still without doing anything..
im wondering when only i will recover from this sick..

*pray hard*

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