Saturday, April 11, 2009


today was my 1st day diet
usually i used to eat alot
but today totally a new day for myself
i used o eat more than 3 meals per day
i loves to eat those junkfood and tidbits as well
but starting from today
i saw many foods today
but i cant eat..
starting from today no meat,no rice not even vegetables
what i eat??
only yogurt,hi-fibre biscuits and fruits
thats all that i need..
i have to eat it for 3months continuously
i cant imagine how to take it
its like no choice for me to choose
only yogurt and yogurt
i promised myself that i will achieve what i want
as long as i got the heart to do it
i believe in myself
i must do it
nothing is impossible
i do look pale and today
can say as like sick people
i cant eat..i seems like those beggar who dont have money to buy
what to do??
i have to do it!!
losing my weight to 40kg is my target
i have to lose 5 more kg
so hard..really hard..wish me luck yea..
today i just ate 6 slides of biscuits,2 bottles of fat free yogurt drink
and YES I DID IT today..=D
even my stomach playing drums inside
all i have to think is after 3months
then i will be much better..=)
[lying my own stomach]ishhh..


Anonymous said...

diet but take care of ur healthy...haha
actually u r not fat, y diet?

MaYc said...

erhmm..fat la..i wna achieve my target so...i have to..i wil tk care of worries yea..=)