Monday, July 27, 2009

Miss you my baby boy~~

i miss you so much boy
was wondering what you doing right now
today is the 1st day you at redang..
wednesday only come back...
i felt so long..time pass by extremely SLOW..=.=
cause you far from me..
but you ll always in my heart
wanted to call you but i guess you re enjoying with your friends
so better just keep it to myself
miss you silently without knowing
i still remember what you told me yesterday night
'i wish tomorrow is the day i go australia'
well..he is leaving me in few months time
just for the seek of his studies
*exactly the same as my ex
i dont hope he ll leave me like how my ex leaved me
with the reason of STUDY!
i dont hope you will follow his foot step bi
its REALLY hurt!!
you promised me will leave me without break!
i ll remember this and i hope you will keep to your promise too
every single word that you told me
i always bear in my mind
cause you always my beloved one's
*right here waiting for you to come back*

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