Friday, July 31, 2009


i HATE club!!
because of CLUB this stupid word make me lost precious thing in my life
CLUB suxx!!
i f***king emo right now
everything came from club club club and CLUBBBB!!
why people will addicted to it?
why people always go there?
what for?
what's the point?
i dont find any point there seriously
-waste of money[especially guy]
-alcholic drink[bad for health]
-being not sincere!!
-being more playboy and playful
i just DONT understand why?
once talk about club i started to emo!
go there just to know more guys and girls?
touch here there and everywhere?
molest people?
kissing each other for the whole night?
this is so RIDICULOUS!!
expecially to those who got partner
yet they still always go clubbing..
anyone can tell me and open up my mind?
dont ever give me all stupid reason such as
relax yourself..moody..sound system..
and all shyts!!
i dont want to hear that!!!


Ivan Ng said...

wao~~~since u look like very hate going clubbing's ppl wor....

♥ i'm AlvissKong said...

yayayy !! burn down all the clubsss..cheersss lolx

MaYc said...

yes ivan i fucking hate clubber...alviss im sure you same opinion with me right now too..chilling myself up now..sighh

Anonymous said...

perhaps there's a place where they can really reveal of,but belief me IN deep inside they heart,they're all alone and this is the place where they're spending they time,and fill up some cash into their pocket with a little hoping "who's going to be my victim tonight"!too bad they're getting finish they life,some of them was become dishonest,taking drug,or maybe some of them being drunker master? joke,i wont tell no lie that some of them was tried to earn a true love in this kind of little pretty funny places,i hope they're really find as you did question why did people like it so much,me too i dont get it why:)

Dennis said...

mayc, i am sure everyone has their own reasons....

whether they realise it or not, the motivation to go clubs has got to be driven by the need for sexual gratification or attention (there you go, i say it out bluntly)

if they disagree, then they are speaking from their logical defense mechanism, because obviously no one would bluntly admit that due to how we are brought up socially

most reasons are just to "hang out, have fun, chill out, or catch up with friends" or "because my friends usually hangout there" or "because its cool, its happening" ot "look at pretty girls (the softer way of saying i want/hope for sex), etc etc the list goes on to unbelievable ways of excuses.

But i am sure you are smart enough to know that it has got to be more than that. Why go to Clubs when the same things like "chill out or dance and have fun" can be obtained in other place? Why?? there is only a few answers that cannot be so far off, which is sexual gratification or attention.

Or put in simpler words, in one way or another, it has got to do with Feeling Good, aka Pleasure. Or, the avoidance of Pain. Going to clubs to escape from something (like Reality). Thats why alcohol sells. Our emotional needs to alcohol is driven from our unconscious need to shut off from reality and just escape. When reality is off, we feel better, we feel good. There is nothing wrong with that. Whether you like alcohol and how much you drink is entirely up to your personal choice (i am not here to judge people).

but i am curious with one thing, mayc, what about you, why do you go to clubs?

Anonymous said...

Lol...i dun go club too!! bosan nye... XD

MaYc said...

[begwell]thanks alot for your comment..=)
[dennis]although i dunno who are you..really thanks alot for explaining a super long comment to me..i appreciate it alot..yes i really do..=) THANKS!
[anonymous]you sure you dont go?haha..

Anonymous said...

of course!! everytime go there, standing there nia...dun drink, dun smoke...sienzz...waste money... =.="

MaYc said...

lol...even you urself as a guy also say waste of money eyes see dy la.sigh

Anonymous said...

lol!! i feel sienzz...doesnt mean others feel sienzz also ma...maybe im a boring ppl, prefer stay at home...haha!!!

MaYc said...

owh ok..maybe..but clubbing is only for a stage..after that no more clubbing life for them..there wil be much more things for them to do instead of wasting time over there..

Anonymous said...

lol. "relax yourself..moody..sound system." hahaha. everytime i ask ppl, they sure answer with "relax lo, I love those songs that played at there lo." -.- lol

go there = waste money waste time waste energy leh. lol. 1 more thing. waste petrol. lol. waste black petrol. haha

Dennis said...

it was my pleasure, but you have not answered my question :)

MaYc said...

[patrick]thats right..i knew mny ppl will say so..i dun tink tats relaxing..there is so many ways to relax ourselves..sighh

[dennis] question is why i go club also?bu tat least i go with my bf..and not going there with friends n flirt around n hug all the way with other guy..=)