Thursday, July 2, 2009

sadness and sorrow..

Once AGAIN mayc not in mood
start my emoness again
what's actually bothering me nowadays?
anyone can tell me?
the answer is NO
this cannot be..
Mayc dont want this kind of feeling anymore
is there really someone who willing to listen to me?
i really dont know why i becoming so emo
additional with cassi songs that he sent me just now
i love his songs so much
played by his own..
unknown piece
really touched my heart by his songs
thanks alot cassi..
i knew that i shouldn't listen those songs when im in emo emotion
but i cant control myself
whenever i blog i sure turn on sentimental songs
or when im not in mood just like now
i start with my rubbish talk again
i will stop it here
no mood to blog anymore
enjoying songs sent by cassi

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

relationship again...
u just posted a blog that u said u love ur boy so much de wor...