Sunday, July 26, 2009


early in the morning
hoping for my baby message but too bad its from my ex
received his message at 3A.M
too bad i slept off already
asked me
'why eddie at poppy?'
i knew eddie at poppy cause he told me early already
saying that he was holding a pretty girl hand whole night inside poppy
i was like........
im super HOT at that moment
i straight away sms my boy and 'washed' him few times without knowing te truth
im that kind of hot tempered person
im sorry baby..i dont mean to scold you
im just too worried that i ll lost you one day
I TRUST that you wont do such thing to me
its so hard for me to catch your heart
so i wont just let you go so easily
i get to know the TRUTH from winjun
anyway thanks winjun for explaining everything from head to toe
sometimes things that we dont know better than know
for me
close one eye better than open it both
we will get more benefit and feel much better
agree with me?
so now im ok with everything i promised my boy wont be so hot tempered
and most important trust him
so i have prove it to him!
and so i choosed to close up my eyes and let thing flow naturally

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