Friday, July 31, 2009

what is relationship??

Every relationship is not easy
i have been tru many challenges
and yet i still standing right here
im strong enough to beat the challenges down
i should always see myself high n tall
although sadness and sufferness that i been tru is hard
im stil strong among all my friends
instead is very very hard for a girl to take up all this challenge
but i have the guts to take it
im pretty sure many girls cant even take it
will never lost
my dignity..
defending myself..
love relationship..
i have to be proud of myself cause i dare to take the next step
rather than somebody out there who dont dare to take the next step
they willing to put down instead of getting it
i have been tru so many challenges
i can stand strong till now
i believe in karma
if i treat someone good im sure i ll been paid by someone out there
God sent eddie lee to me cause God knows that i suffer alot
with the previous ex..
too bad i dunno how to appreciate you..
i take it granted!i stubborn!it's all my fault..
i ll fight to get you back no matter how long it takes
i willing to scarifice everthing just because of you
every human being will do wrong thing

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