Wednesday, September 16, 2009


yoyo..people..i went to this place for my 1st
a nice restaurant 'ANDALUS'
its an arabian restaurant..
located at somewhere around ampang..
nice place huh..
nice huh?
aiya..seems like beer?
it's lemon juice..==
sit up straight..
seems like wana whack people..==
my fathiah..
my shilla..
not my farah..LOL..

nice enviroment..
nice food..
nice bebs..*wink wink*
all my classmate..
alaa..leksh and richii so sweet..
such a sweet couple..
while me kissing my
what am i laughing like nobody knows?
such a great dinner with them today..
thanks alot bebs..
love you all so much..


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