Saturday, September 12, 2009

REVO car magazine indoor shoot..

TAAAA raaaaa...
sorry for not updating my blog everyday ya..
busy, lazy and bla bla bla..LOL..
early in the morning went to PJ for make up..
then heading to ming tien with vincent eat breakfast..
allaaa..pity him..have to accompany me till shen come and get me..
went and shopping awhile at 1U..
bought 2 leopard shirt..thanks shen..hehe..
next heading to PJ SS2 for shooting today..
was wondering where is the place..
end up at holiday villa hotel...
with another model too..alenor..
6hours shooting..thats really tiring..
jason as the photographer..and another guy too..
forgotten what is his
this is one of the picture taken by shen
there is still many more pictures with jason..
hope to get it from him soon..
hey people out there just stay tuned for coming up more pictures yea..

love ya..


EkLern said...

well babe
This is just early stage of ur career.
Take care of your health if not you cannot tahan the posing d

MaYc said... still ok dude..long time din go for exercise maybe..haa..