Friday, September 25, 2009

MayC - Broadwalk Modeling VOTE !!!

MAYC CHEAH (337 votes)
Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly -
Mayc (pronounced May-C)

A brief interview:
What do you love the most in a guy?
Personality. People can fake their outer looks but they cannot fake
what’s inside them. Looks will not last forever but good personality
will stay with a guy until his last breath.
What do you hate the most in a guy?
I hate dishonest people. A guy should never cheat or lie to any
female in any part of the world. Women and girls should be well
respected by being truthful and honest to them.
What would be your ideal dinner date?
It will be two people cooking together. Having a good dinner is
not about enjoying the meal at the moment but also the process
of 3 stages that include before, during and after dinner.
What is your idea of good entertainment?
Wearing a bikini pampering my skin on the beach and enjoying
the wind that blows all my worries and problems away.
What would really make you laugh out loud?
The answer will be, there is nothing that cannot make me laugh
out loud because we are born to laugh and most even leave this
world with a smile. Being positive and optimistic is the greatest
weapon god has ever given to anyone.
What would really make you cry?
Nothing will ever make me cry because a person or things that
make me cry don’t deserve me. I deserve laughter and not tears.
What do you consider the most important event in
your life so far?

The most important event will be now because I do not live in
the past or future. Let bygone be bygone and future or even
tomorrow is still ahead of me. So, I live my life to the fullest for
every moment. Since now I am in Broadwalk Modeling therefore
this is the most major event in my life.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Having 397 votes from different people in Broadwalk Modeling
is a great achievement and I believe the greatest has yet to come.
What is your opinion of the modeling industry
in Malaysia today?

The modeling industry is growing as compared to 50 years
back but it is still very new and fragile. Most people are still
pessimistic about modeling line. Many still put beauty ahead
of talent, quality and personality. I wish to go further in
Broadwalk Modeling to change the perception as Obama said
“Change We Belief In and Yes We Can”.
Why do you deserve to win this competition?
I’d say anyone deserves to win this competition because no
one is born to lose. Perhaps being myself and the way I am is
the best reason for me to win this competition. I wish for more
votes and support from all of you.
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